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My opinion on the new AD&D edition is why ? I'm sure there is some good to come of it, however most of the rule changes I've heard of I have already used. If you read your DM guide there are no rules only guidelines. The excitement of running an rpg is the freedom of control. It also insures the freashness of each different gameing world. As a player & DM I enjoy when someone comes up with something not in the books. It shows intrest in what they'e doing. Not to mention the exercising of the imagination. I love rpg's and and of all of them Dungeons and Dragons is still my favorite after 15 years of gameing. I'll give this 3rd edition a chance thought. I just hope it's not a shallow attempt at Marketing. Just my observation, but I imagine the honorable pluffetsmedger would say Careat Emptor.

CromonI the Mystic

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