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Hey Dungeon Master Guy,

I run a game here in Tennessee. We call it Caves and Critters. I guess we both run into the same kinda stuff. Women always wantin to offer you sex to kill off their ole man, people stumblin into rooms, drinkin up all the moonshine, eatin up all the possum before the rest of "The Bunch" (That's what we call an adventure party) gets to it. And the weapons! Whew! Pick handles, "Daddy's Colt Pistol", car antenna's, baloons full of battery acid, a jaw full of chewin tobacco, I have yet to see a critter that wouldn't back off with his eyes full of Beach Nut Juice!! Magic? Yep we got that too. The dreaded "Fart of Mirth", the Magic Tampon and the lucky Possum foot just to name a few of the over used ones.

Yep we both share the same troubles.

I just wanted to let you know you ain't alone, we go through the same trouble and strife. Why just over the weekend I had a woman want to know if she could sling a sock of wet cat shit at the giant "Wet Back Monster". I had to laugh, we both know that cat shit don't bother him, ha ha ha. And like there, everybody here wants to be either "Skunk Man or The Magic Snail." Just wanted to let you know that you ain't alone. Hope to converse with you some more later.

Brave Willie, Gensing Picker, Poppy Farmer, Snake Catcher, Critter Killer of all kinds, and Reverend of the First Church of the Devine Light of Trust me I wouldn't Lie.

Uncle Buford

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