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I'm in agreement with the first two editorials, for the most part. I tend to think that the Lizards of the Toast (yes, I spelled that right) are out to capitalize on a game made great by TSR, and most of all, US! I don't mind a rules change here or there, but I think that a complete revamping of the game system was unnecessary. I will continue to give the 3E a chance, but I cannot afford to buy any more rule books. As for the rules the other editorialists mentioned, I too threw demi human level limits out the door way back in 1E! I happen to like the THAC10 (similar to Gamma World 4E), but I don't like the idea of a human fighter/monk/sorceror running around in my world (see the latest issue of Dragon #272 page 8).

Tell the truth, I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to fantasy: knights, rangers, etc.. kits that came about with an actual historic or mythic counterpart. Now a drow elf fighter/monk/sorceror... That sounds cool.

But back to my main concern, which may be way off base, it seems as if WOTC is changing the rules so they can "get in on the profits", or as they say "breathe life into a dying game". Why else did they buy out TSR? TSR was at the end of their rope, and probably didn't want to scare the faithful away by putting out 3E, so they sold out. WOTC also own Star Wars RPG, since West End Games went paws up. Now WOTC are making lots of bucks, and my campaign will soon have to change rules to accomodate all these wonderful new Greyhawk products, or I'll have to buy the Conversion book to convert all new 3E stuff in the new Greyhawk products back to 2E! Oh look, I've already spent $$$! Did I win? In a way; I love the game & I love to get new stuff, but in this world of rising gas prices and declining morales in our society, Stuff costs. Adapt, mutate or die.


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