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As a young player , I think the third edtion rules will spark renewed intreast in D&D, just like the 1st and 2nd edtions did in years past. I think its not a ploy to rip off old timers who are bent to playing the way they want to play anyways but get people who never heard of or played D&D to buy the books. It has spark alot intreast with a lot people I know who wanted a change from limitations on how you can customize your characters and made the rules simplier so new people can play without being confused by differnt charts, tables and numbers. This realese of the new D&D is to make it brand new agian with a new and very cool look. As far as it being compare to Paladium books I think it combines the best of both games. Also with Star Wars already out using the same d20 system and furture game like the new edtion of Star Trek using the same rules makes it exciting propect of pooling differnt people into new hobby. I like the fact that I can bring one character from one game into anthor game with little adjestment here and there Hopfully with the realese of the new books and in perfect timing with the new Movie will spark a new instreast in a otherwise dead game.

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