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Hi Folks,

It's your favorite small claims court jester once again! Yesterday I received Dragon # 274, and although I thoroughly HATE the new format of the mag, I tried the demo disc. (I liked it) I know, I know, that flies in the face of all loyal 2ed'ers everywhere; I know this, because I AM one of you! But, just like 11 years ago when they brought out 2E, I was the same way, & after I saw the 2E, I was hooked! Well, they've done it again. Actually, this time, it's WOTC (the greedy money-grubbers that they are) who've done it this time. 3E character generation is sooooo much easier (on the demo anyway), it even has a conversion guide, which is like a miniature version of the PH & DMG! I've been able to check out a few of the features between working the night shift, napping during the day, cooking for the kids (new mom is still really shagged out after delivering our little Elly), and surfing for Gamma World stuff! Whatta day & night!

Anyhoo, I would strongly recommend the 3E character generator demo, but unfortunately, if you don't have a subscription to Dragon, I'll have to give WOTC a free plug & advise you to go out & buy issue # 274, although I hate the scratchy pictures & faded print headers & etc. At least they brought back Dragonmirth, but they faded that header, too. Nodwick is hilarious.

Well, gentle readers, that's all from this joker. Till all the Greyhawk dragons move to Aber-Toril,

Make mine Marvel!


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