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Traditions Matter* 

by   Rockester

I am but a leaf and our past is the tree that nurtures me....

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Quilting : a warm legacy

I have always enjoyed the texture and pattern on fabric. I watched my mother, grandmother and great grandmother sew.  From a young age I designed and sewed (roughly) little clothing for my Barbie dolls.   Mom started me on the Singer sewing machine about age 7, I think. By middle school, it was my favorite hobby.  I made my first rough quilt in 8th grade.  By high school, sewing in Home Ec was my favorite elective class. As a newlywed, a sewing machine of my own was the first object I requested from my new husband as a gift. Can you see a trend here?  For me sewing was a creative outlet long before I discovered Scrapbooking.  Below are a few pics of my projects from approximately the last 2 years.

Free Quilt Patterns:

I love the internet! There are so many free quilt patterns! I have been sewing with JUST free online quilt patterns now for two years and love it that I can find what I want fast and FREE! Here are some of my favorite places to find my patterns.  I just right click to save the diagrams, retrieve and  resize them in a print shop program and print as many as I need!

 The Quilters' Cache

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Bear Paw Quilting

Free Quilt 

A-OK Quilt Corral Free Projects

Here are some of my own works.

This is a classic scrappy Bulls eye style pattern. I used up almost a whole laundry basket of loose scraps making it and it is beautiful! I made it for my son John in the winter of 2002.  The pattern for it is at

JYSCRAPQUILT.jpg (134909 bytes) I made this one shortly after I made John's quilt above. It is for my daughter Jenny.  This  Bulls eye quilt turned into almost a scrappy drunkard path variation. 2002  The great aspect of these Bulls Eye quilts is the speed, the colorful scrappiness, and the warm cuddly fringy effect!

OldFanQuilt.jpg (28593 bytes) A Victorian Fan wall quilt I put together from antique wool blocks, 2002.

 OldLogCabinTableRunner.jpg (25537 bytes) An older Victorian Log Cabin table runner I put together from some even older silk and velvet antique blocks, 2002

QuiltImage2.jpg (23755 bytes) Meandering the Lone Star State chair throw- a slash and sew star pattern found online. Created while I was on a weekend trip to where else? Texas! 2002  Instructions for this kind of star quilt are given here

MEQuilttoSend.jpg (63353 bytes) Mary Engelbreit wall quilt of my own design using a variety of patterns together.  I created the design from an assortment of online bird, birdhouse, Scottie dog, house, and flower paper piecing designs. 2001-2002 Many of these patterns were found at Quilters Cache.  The center panel was an appliqué pattern from a friend.

bytebytequilt.jpg (47937 bytes) This is the Byte by Byte quilt designed by Patti R. Anderson  that 8 of us quilters online are doing in a round robin style. We started in February 2001 and are almost finished! We estimate I will get mine back in about a month or two. (by Feb 2003) the whole pattern can be found here on

kulackquilt3.jpg (78625 bytes) This is a baby girl's quilt in bright solids that I did for a friend. It is paper pieced from a pattern found here at Quilter's Cache. I cannot recall the name of the star but it is paper pieced.


On Finishing an Old Quilt Top
by A. Eelman


Dear unknown Lady of the Past,
I hold your work within my hands;
A top with pattern gay and pure,
A frayed edge reveals loose strands.

The design is made of tiny scraps,
Set in a plain sugar sack ground.
Such tiny little stitches made -
A soft blue border sewed around.

Where did you sit while piecing this?
Upon a stool by firelight bright?
Or slowly rocking on the porch
As the tired day drew into night?

What were your cares while you did work?
What plans and dreams did you spin?
I wonder why your work was stopped,
Why quilting never did begin.

My mind is filled with questions.
Were you just a girl or someone's wife?
Was yours a path of leisure?
Or a journey filled with strife?

I'll quilt this top, dear lady,
With patterns swirled and flowery,
And bond with one I'll never meet
In a sisterhood of stichery.

Original work by A. Eelman 

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