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Traditions Matter* 

by   Rockester

I am but a leaf and our past is the tree that nurtures me....

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Quick Cooking: That's the life for me! 

I lead a busy life.  So I like to feed my family nutritiously--but not spend all day in the kitchen.  I love to fix it and go on with life.  Here are a few of my quick cooking secrets. I am not a chef or anything...but I do know these sites have helped me be a better cook!


I go here when I need a recipe fast! Believe it or not it is faster than looking separately in my kitchen at 23 'real' cookbooks!  I can also type in what ingredients I have on hand and it gives me back ideas!

Top Secret

If you eat out as often as I like to, you may have a few chain restaurant favorites.  Want to know how to make them at home? Here you go!  This site is AWESOME! And the recipes really do taste right! Just like the originals! Amazing! Check the Recipe Vault for your faves! Type in the restaurant name or the name of the dish.  Dig into some Cinnabon rolls, KC Masterpiece BBq sauce,  or some  TGIF broccoli Cheese soup!  And if you can't find it there, try this other great copy cat recipe site:


Food Network

My son is a cook at a local restaurant. Go figure! (Guess he thought he should learn to cook SOMEWHERE to survive! LOL Just kidding!)   But his favorite show is Iron Chef.  We watch it together late at night.  (Is that mom/son bonding time or what?)  I think the food on Iron Chef is pretty 'out there' but I do like lots of the other shows and recipes  on Food Network.  You can search for new recipes  too.  Great cooks like Emmeril, the Naked Chef, Martha Stewart, Sara Moulton, and Bobby Flay show you how it can be done.  Oh yeah, and don't forget those sushi-loving Iron Chefs! 

Crock Pot sites abound on the internet. My favorites are at 



Cooking Cache

and I have joined two email lists that send me new recipes regularly




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