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Traditions Matter* 

by   Rockester

I am but a leaf and our past is the tree that nurtures me....

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Home Organization 

Would you believe I am a recovering packrat? Yes! I love a garage sale. I pull into sun baked Flea Markets on 102* degree days! I never met an old quilt that didn't pull at my heart and I have 320 pounds of cast iron cookery in my kitchen! YES! I love old stuff!

That said, I have also given away the equivalent of 3 dumpsters full of household objects in the last year. Now keep in mind I live in a 2000 square foot ranch home from the early 1960's!  So it is not like I had room to spare. I had to face facts about a year ago. No my family didn't mind. It was me. I decided that although I loved my old stuff from ages past, it was time to reduce the country look from country clutter to country classic!

How did I train myself to do this? ONE DAY AT A TIME! LOL

I had a little help from a gal I have never met named Marla Cilley. Online she is known to millions as the Flylady. She herself was a keeper of clutter before she decided that enough was enough several years ago. Now she leads the way for the rest of us who have reached maximum overload in our Material Girl American Consumerism World.  Marla shows us what she did to organize her home and her life and what works. Her sense of humor is so down to earth. I wish she was my neighbor! One baby step at a time, I too have been a 'flybaby' and learned how to do this. I have used her general philosophy on my own scrapbooking group Scrappers Challenge which the Flylady herself has recommended to other crafters! Hurray!


Here is Marla's website:

Thanks Marla!

Another site I have enjoyed a lot is Organized run by Cynthia Townley Ewer. Her simple, beautiful website is chock full of free advice. Get tips, forms, recipes, money management, and articles on how to make the BEST of your home and your life. I am proud to say she is also a member of my Scrapper's Challenge on yahoogroups. Cynthia's web site is at

Thanks Cynthia!


Lastly, if you are a crafter, you've got STUFF!  You may need a little system or two to help you organize and weed it out.  I have been there!  I have done that!  I can help you learn how. One day at a time. One box at a time. One UFO (unfinished object) at a time. Scrapbookers and crafters welcome to Scrapper's Challenge !! Join this great yahoo email group of over 1900 members. Every post is on topic and helpful. 

Scrappers Challenge

The Frugal Homemaker

I think this is what I have been all along and just didn't know it!  LOL I love this site! Lot's of it is just plain good advice!   Type in the word 'organize' into their search box and boy will you get fabulous ideas!  Everything is here from how to make your own baby wipes to financial budget help to high yield gardening!


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