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Traditions Matter* 

by   Rockester

I am but a leaf and our past is the tree that nurtures me....

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That's me! If you can do it yourself, I have probably tried it! I ran a very successful craft coop sale for over 10 years. We were the largest in-home Christmas craft show in our town of over 86,000! As founder, and hostess of the show, I kept files on crafts and projects to do and those completed. Of course, we had a few favorites! Our coop members all retired in 2000 from big shows like this.  But we still love to craft!  My favorites are:





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The Crafter's Prayer

by Shelley Sparks

posted at The Frugal Homemaker

Whenever I kneel down to pray
I thank the Lord above
For giving me so many days
To share with those I love
A year of beautiful times to say
How much that "I love you!"
With a special card, a little gift
To give from me to you.
Lord, I'm so thankful to be blessed
With such creativity
So I can find so many ways
To use my ingenuity
And make each day a special one
For all of those I care
For every day's a holiday--
A gift of love to share.
In busy times we can forget
To savor every day
To find a bit of special-ness
As we go our busy ways
For there is nothing quite as sweet
Apart from life's demands
Than to create a tiny homemade gift
Made with care by loving hands.
May I remember always, Lord
All those in need of me
To say a prayer, or a kindly word
Or give some sympathy
To pass along the blessings bright
And know just what to say
And fill their days with such delight
For each day's a holiday.

By Shelley D. Sparks



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