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Traditions Matter* 

by   Rockester

I am but a leaf and our past is the tree that nurtures me....

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I enjoy knitting while watching television or sitting in the car. I like the even, click-click of my needles. Plus I enjoy the idea that I am never idle long. Blame my childhood-- but I think doing something with yourself and your time is always preferred to vegetating. :)  Sleeping I can do, but vegetating? No. So if I can't do any other craft, I am probably knitting! LOL

My favorite projects so far are hand knit:

Dishcloths -see a pattern for them here This is my all time favorite basic pattern for dish cloths. The simple bias knit makes them soft and flexible.

Crocheted Beach Bag (I know it is not knitting but hey we love this one!)

Scarves- see patterns here for a variety.

                Very Fuzzy and Very Hip

                Loopy Boa Scarf

Hats- see pattern here.  This is a wonderful basic winter hat for beginners. It makes all sizes and out of scraps if you like! Very versatile!

Of course, there are great sites for knitting online for pattern resources. Here are a couple fantastic ones.  

Bernat Yarn

Lion Brand

I even got my daughter interested in knitting by hand! Wow. Guess moms can still have some influence, huh? LOL She makes Scandinavian ski hats! Here is  a link to a pattern she is working on now.

Now I have to BLAME my pal Shelly for getting me into machine knitting. Not only will I be hand knitting  now but using my Bond Incredible Sweater Machine knitting machine.  I think she is going to  have to tutor me a lot online because I only know how to make simple dishrags and scarves on it at the moment! 

This is a good site by Gail Ahrens to explore if you are into machine knitting:

Another good resource is Stephanie Thornton's site

As time goes on I will post my knitting project photos here too. :)






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