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==Welcome note [v.2]==

Please read the updates page ^

Second welcome note since the last one was so rudely deleted by Angelfire without any warning at all (ahem). Also please add an entry on my guest map if you can :)

What am I going to expect from this site? Well first and foremost I'm trying to educate people about wicca/paganism and try and make them more open-minded and maybe more spiritual :) It used to be wiccan based but since I've branched more (I now class myself as a Pagan (but wants to be a Faerie Wiccan)) I thought I'd share my views and what I've learnt on my journey. What you're not going to see on this site is any 'dark/khaos/voodoo' blahblah 'evil' stuff. I think that's kinda obvious. I'm not going to preach at you or anything. I'll try my best to keep any fluffy bunny stuff away ;) although I'm still one :D

Right... so what's all that stuff on the left? Navigation.
.+.Home.+. Right here, back to this welcome note page.
.+.About Wicca.+. Pretty obvious. Best place to start to get going and learn about other 'new-age' religions. Will most likely to give you information overload so absorb the info slowly (i.e come back another time to read more)
.+.Links.+. Don't just drink up everything I write. Feel free to question and to challenge what I write. Just don't ask me because that's my set view on that topic.Everyone goes down different discovery paths in life and learning about stuff like this you need to question everything. It's more or less trying to understand the meaning of life. Anyway there will be may helpful links here to help you answer questions.
.+.Spells.+. I feel a bit iffy towards giving out spells. A small minority are interested just doing spells and that always bugs me. My advice- don't do spells unless you are confident in knowing what you are doing, know the consequences of casting the spells, safety precautions (candles) and actually take it seriously. I won't put any love spells to get people attracted to you, but will have some to increase your luck :)
.+.Elements.+. Air, Water, Earth and Fire. All here! I got a lot of the information off a fellow wiccan friend, although I've sadly lost contact with her I remember she told me it was fine to use the information. Seriously, check it out, there's lots of information there! Closely linked to zodiacs page.
.+.Dieties.+. As many dieties I can possibly fit on that page. Not many there at the present moment but hopefully will grow. Should help with finding your personal diety, for spells, craft names etc.
.+.Craft Names.+. I had no idea how I got my craft name, I thought you just randomly choose some 'witchy' names and shove it together to make you sound like a 'proper' witch. Now I realise how dumb that was, I don't want any other people doing what I did so I made this page to help you get started and explain why some people use craft names.
.+.Angels and Spirit Guides.+. Everything about them. How to contact them and the differences between different types of angels and spirit guides.
.+.Nature Devas.+. Elves. Faeries. Pixies. Mystical creatures, mythical creatures. They all exist and it's all in here...
.+.Candle Magick.+. Just an explanation of why candles are used and colour significance.
.+.Astral Projection.+. aka O.B.E's. Explanation of what happens, how to achieve it and what you can expect in the other realm.
.+.Meditation.+. One of the almost necessary things to be able to do but also one of the hardest. Why it's important and how to do it.
.+.Telekinesis.+. The ability to move objects. Other 'kinesis's' such as pyro and aero. Please read the warning note at the top of the page.
.+.About Me.+. Errm... about me?
.+.Pictures.+. Free clipart and graphics. Under construction at the moment.
.+.Crystals.+. In depth information about different qualities crystals have.
.+.Past Lives.+. Think you've lived before? Check this out.
.+.Frequently Asked Questions.+. About the site, about wicca, about anything really.
.+.Zodiacs.+. Ever expanding zodiac page. Refer to elements page as well for more in-depth look. May add Chinese zodiacs soon as well.
.+.Numerology.+. How numerology can predict your path, tell you about your character and how to find out your life numbers.