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Beyond the blade's might

Down by the seashore,
Where the waters foam white,
Hang your head over, hear the winds flight.
The east wind loves sunshine,
The west wind loves night,
The north wind blows alone, dear,
And I fear the light,
You've taken my heart, dear,
Beyond the winds night.
The fires you have kindled.
Last longer than light.
...last longer than light,
dear, when the waters foam white;
Hang your head over; hear the wind's flight.
The fires you have kindled.
Will last out my night.
Soon I will die, dear,
On the mountain's cold height.
...Beyond the blade's might,
dear, where the waters foam white;
Hang your head over, hear the wind's flight.
I told you the truth dear,
Right from the start.
I wanted your love, dear with all my heart.
Sometimes you hurt me,
And sometimes we fought.
But now that you've left me,
My life's been for naught.
My life been for naught, dear,
So hang your head over,
and hear the wind's flight.
So hang your head over,
and hear the wind's flight.
{author unknown}

Struggle of Life

Thy path is long and hard,
Each turn is filled with danger,
Thy goblins and thy dragon,
At first are friendly strangers.
Hold tight to the dreams,
And strong to thy wishes;
for they are your guide,
to all of lifes riches.
Thy heart is your key.
Determination's your weapon,
Trust in your heart,
And fight off deception.
If you never give in,
To what life may bring,
Thou's not just a knight.
Thou's is a king.
{author Dayala}


The trees that always grew,
and winds that always blew,
and suns that always shine.
This land so broad and beautiful,
is where I layed my home.
My life I spent seems rich and pure,
to where my life has led.
I still so long for life.
byond to see what lies ahead.
To go beyond imaging,
to flee from what's been taught.
I believe that somewhere far away,
or maybe just right here.
There's a place for ones,
Whose thought are whole,
and dreams are crystal clear.
A place of magic and imagination,
for things that aren't believed.
Where once a dream was lost, forgotten,
and here they are achieved.
And here I live my life to full,
and dream with you.
Because it's here where magic lives,
and you believe it too.
{author Dayala}


Freedom comes when the mind is free.
Free from work, free from reality.
The mind soars to new heights and places.
This is where we live.
Reality can not comprehend us.
We go beyond the laws of physics.
The impossible is possible.
And knowledge is meaningless.
Few people know of us.
Yet all are able to see us.
We're in the books, in the art,
in buildings and other things.
Seek us, and you will find us,
Not in reality, but in your heart.
{author unknown}

The Paladin

Blacken thunderstorm streaks with lighting bolts,
lights up the darken sky.
Tall, muscular, blonde,
with eyes that pinned you with directness.
They seem to reach down into your soul.
Light flashes off the shiny aromr.
He has a great cloak and hood wrapped,
against the blowing wind.
Mighty great sword he holds in his hands.
A sword enchanted and forge for paladin.
He watches the magic racing up and down,
the blade shine with,
tiny flickers of deep black-purple light.
Bow and arrow are slug across his back.
Knives and short swords appear suddenly.
They glittered in the moonlight.
The paladin must act quick he dodges through,
the slashing of metal blades can be heard,
"These creatures are from the torment,
of hell" he shouts.
"Be strong" he prays.
The paladin final finish off his last foe,
turning them into dust.
His eyes fierce and intense.
He now stands alone in the blacken ruins.
That use to be great huge castle of Camelot.
Now it's a part of the earth,
A part of the past forever lost.
Sudden silent except for the birds and rustle,
of leaves blowing in the wind.
He knows that those creatures,
Where beyond redemption.
The paladin feels, drain, empty, worn.
Sheathing his sword he heads,
back to the tower to rest up for,
the next battle with evil foes.
{author Dayala}

The Ranger

It is night,
It is dark and silent.
There sudden movement.
The dark metal blade,
flashed with a fire of it own.
Blue flames erupt from it,
It surface with the first,
sword stroke the blue fire.
Racing up and down the sword.
It burns in a seductive way.
He has no fear,
No hesitation,
Smoke drifted across,
But the ranger fights on,
with a unstoppable fury.
Slowly the enemy begain to retreat.
He left standing alone, abandoned,
and forgotten.
In empty swirl of smoke and silence.
He looks around and see a vast,
burial ground and empty tomb, empty of life
The dark began to fade,
and dawn begin to approach.
He does not like the way.
the sword seem to dominated him.
He feels like a outcaste, renegade,
He bends down and picks up,
a object on the ground,
He look at it belong to the creature.
It the Crown of the Undead King.
Ranger puts it back down.
Ranger knows he won this battle.
He does not know what,
tomorrow will bring.
He seeks revenge for his,
falling friends who where,
cosume by terrible deaths.
He seeks more enimes,
like the Minotaurs, Icebones, Orcs,
Gnolls, Spiders, Giants, Frogloks.
And the Great Mighty Dragon.
He shealth his sword,
and drinking his ale,
heading back to town.
{author Dayala}


Death is one thing in life that's certain,
This is one privelage no one can refrain,
Life, you see, is but a test
To see what realm suits you best,
Be it Heaven or Hell,
That's for only one to tell.
{author unknown}

o Disclaimer: All poetry written by me, may not be republished or redistributed without my permission