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Dark Poems


The Sorcerer cast the spell
And raise the demons from hell
Trouble is brewing
It will make a shocking viewing
The sky turn black
The city will be thrown into turmoil
There will be nothing left to spoil
Nothing but ruins and bricks
That's what becomes of devilish tricks
Beware when calling on the Dark Lord
Be sure that you agree a price you can afford
There is no point in taking a leading role
If you have to give up your soul
A member of the living dead
You should have turned to the Good Lord instead
Pray for Salvation
Or else face damantion
{author unknown}


The dark knife plunges into the flesh
The blood oozes out
And another victim is added to the list
This is a lethal weapon
Full of evil intent
Whoever owns this knife it turned
into a killer
The newly married wife who kills her husband
Or the school kid who stabs his closest friends
All fall victim to its evil spell
Forged long ago in the fires of hell
It's only purpose to cause havoc and destruction
Both murderer and victim are touched by the spell
Once sane individuals turn into possessed fiends
The death of so many are concealed in its blade
Each forlorn life etches mark on the knife
The foul stench of death forges deeper
into its metallic body
Always searching for a new victim
the dark knife will soon kill agian
If it choose you, what then?
Another notch on the devil's belt
Only he knows the pain that you felt
Your life trickles away
Part of the game that this knife plays
May some holy spirit break its spell
And send it back down to the fires of hell
{author unknown}


I have tried to discover the creative spark
My tales are morbid and dark
Beware of the tales I tell
They are possessed of evil spell {Puff}
I have studied the tales of vampires
And the devastation that always transpires
I have read the tales of Edgar Allan Poe
And how his life was full of woe
I have read about those that practice black magic
The consequences are always tragic
If you do a deal with the Devil down below
Your downfall will naturally flow
If you try to give life to the dead
The mob will chop off your head
Many lessons I have learned
If you play with fire you may get burned
If you immerse yourself in all thing gothic
The results will be catastrophic.
(author unknown}


"In the name of God"
On the lips of the Lords
In the name of God
Blood covered the swords

All women and childern
The old and the best
Slayed in the streets
At his Honor's request.

Accept our God
Or else you will die
And death is the path
For all who defy!

In the name of God
Millions were slayed
In the name of God
Friends were betrayed

All around the world
Million flowers bloomed
Watered completely
By the blood of the doomed.

Those stabbed in the back
Those burnt in the fire
No God will embrace!
In the name of God
Innocence lost
In the name of God
We all payed the cost.
(author unknown}


and hide well.
Because the sun has fallen
and darkness has arisen.

The creatures from Hell are coming,
with burning eyes and blood dripping fangs.
They hold the key to eternal torment,
Hide my knight, for tonight.
The demons from Hell have come,
to guide me into the kingdom of darkness.

Save yourself
and others on your way,
Tonight evil will approach
and all that's not safe-under
shadows of light-will die.

They will rise
among the dead,
and ride thoughout the kingdom
with evil intents.

Don't breathe, my knight
It's soon be over,
when I am gone.
I will safe your path
to our final goal.
But don't forget who I am now.
I'm sorry, my knight for what
I've done.
Trusted you with the light,
I'm taken the darkness
and put it in my soul.

Left you in the dirt,
alone, cold, and scared
I ride with the demons,
and left you standing there.

Take care my knight
Me, on a black dragon back.
Behind a dark demon with red eyes.
I look behind and find
my knight-searching
for me....
I look behind but cannot seem
to find hope,
for a brighter future,
It will always be a dream,
to share the rest of
my eternal life
with my lovely knight!
{author unknown}