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1.Everything is camped
2.Your corpse will always end up halfway inside a mountain, nowhere in sight of the roads, or under a tree.
3.The skelton in front of you is there to distract you from the Kodiak approaching from behind.
4.If your attack is going really well, you are in an ambush.
6.If the Mob are within range, so are you.
7."The tougher Mob's invariably attack on two occasions."
1.When your ready
2.When your not
8.One Mob is, never enough, but two can be entirely to many.
9.For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.
10. The Mob you never encounter when armed and buffed always appear during your corpse run.
11. The Mob you've been camping for hours always spawn 18 secounds after you leave.
12. Don't ever be the first, don't ever be the last, don't ever volunteer to do anything.
13. The greatest danger to your group is a Paladin or Ranger with a map and plan.
14.When the going get tough, the tanks go linkdead.
15. A group withhout healers or bandages not a group for long.
16. Your buff will fade when you need it the most.
17. Whenever you have plenty of mana, you never miss, Whenever your are low on mana, every spell fizzles.
18.When in doubt gate.
19. The item you want the most drops the rarest or is out of your price range.
20. The item you want the most is sold in a auction and you went linkdead.
21. The item you want most was picked up by some Lamer who didn't know the definition of "NO DROP".
22. The item you need tomorrow is "NO RENT".
23.If you can't afford it not for sale.
24. If you wanted two of them it's a Lore item.
25.The High Quality Bear Skin drops every 28 days.
26.Even green can kill.
27. A bow without arrows seem awfully heavy all of a sudden.
28. Merchants are prefectly capable of kicking tail and taking names.
29.Trains have the right of way.
30. The guards never there when you need them.
31.The time it takes to upload the newest patch is directly proprtional to your eagerness to log on.
32.A roleplayer drink to increase his alcohol tolerance, and idiot does it in the treetops of the Kelethin City.
33.Qyenos is "SONY EQ spelled backwards.


1.(After a pull}"How much mana you guys have?"...Loading, Please Wait
2. (In Kedge Keep}"I wonder how long enduring breath actually lasts?"...Loading, Please Wait
3."Safe fall is at 105, this shouldn't hurt much"... Loading, Please Wait
4."Thank God for SoW "Your speed return to normal"... Loading, Please Wait
5."OK I'll pull and you guys taunt if off me"...Loading Please Wait
6."I wonder if feign death wipes a Dragon's aggro list?"...Loading, Please Wait
7. "Can Someone please Cure Poiso...Loading, Please Wait
8."It's Blue, let's kill it"...Loading, Please Wait
9. "I'll Pull, don't worry, I have feign death"...Loading, Please Wait
10. "Hey Y'all, watch this!"...Loading, Please Wait
11. "Shout I've got so much loot I can hardly move"... Loading, Please Wait
12. "I can't wait to try out these new spells they'll kick ass"...Loading, Please Wait
13." I never been this drunk in Kelethin before?"... Loading, Please Wait
14."Did you con this?"...Loading, Please Wait
15."Nothing here, I going to check out the 2nd story" ...Loading, Please Wait
16."Dvinn should spawn right here"...Loading, Please Wait
17."Hail a festering hag"...Loading, Please Wait
18."Think they we train?"...Loading, Please Wait
19. "Follow me!"...Loading, Please Wait

10 Top signs you've played a Dark Elf Necromancer to long

1.You wish you could cast "Darkness"on people passing you on the freeway.
2.When a colleague ask for your assistance. You respond with "Embrace"
the hatred of Innoruuk and we shall discuss it worthless human!
3. You begin to have strange appreciation of neon signs
4.You've been caught trying to Life tap the neighbor's cat for extra energy.
5.You start buying all your meat with the "bone in"
6. There isn't a single candle in your house during storm season
7.You start worrying that you don't have good enough fraction to enter McDonald's
8.Whenever a policeman pulls in behind you, you seriously consider "Fearing" him
9.You get the terms "Cemetery" and "Candy Store" confused all the time.
10. You can't walk past your boss with out yelling "Pet Attack/Pet Attack".

The Paladin

Alone the paladin stands
The rising sun mirrored in his eyes
His sword gripped tightly in his hands
His smile bittersweet and grim

Before him stands his enemy
Equal in her depth of darkness
As he is in his breath of light
She smiles too, hers bitter and ironic

He stares at his former lover
The touch of her caress now a memeory
He wonders at how quick her betrayal was
How quick her scorn and hatred

She returns his stare unflinching
Her eyes filled with contempt
At the hesitation she perceives
The honor she sees as a weakness

Her smile turns soft and loving
The one he once remembred
She relaxes her stance
And raises her arms, beckoning to him

Slowly he lowers his sword
Confusion filling his eyes
He can't but help remember their past
As his foot takes a step forward of its own violation

Her smiles widen, her eyes filled with an eerie light
He can't quite comprehend
He moves towards her
Taking her in his arms

He buries his face in her dark glorious hair
Too late remembering her dark glorious soul
"sweet poison" she whispers
as her gloved hand caresses his cheek
she quickly kisses his lips as his muscles tighten
bringing him crashing to his knees.

She backs up confidently
From his outstretched hands
Her eyes sparkling with malicious glee
At her evil trick

And right before his eyes close for their final time
She blows him a kiss and quietly walks aways

{This sent to me from friend in EQ name Johndar the author is unknown)

The Knight

The sun rises glinting off the knights sword
The blood glistening as it slowly dries to black
He looks down at his vanquished enemy
Her wild ebony hair fans around her now pale face.
Her deep brown eyes stare up at him, still holding a glint of mischief
Her lips twist into a mockery of a smile, as she whispers"I still loved you"
Taking a few more labored breaths, she drinks in the knight slumped shoulders
The guilt creeping into his eyes
Knowing the damage she has done
And her lips relax int a satisfied smile.

{This poem was sent to me from a friend in EQ Johndar the author is unknown}

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