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Just What I See

Am I to write..for man to read
in letters to be upon agree?
NO...HELL NO...I write what's me.
And if it's you who I offend
still let me be your steady friend.

For what you hear...
In what I say are only words...
in perfect play
Read it...or disagree...
I only write...
Just what I see.
{author Dayala}

The Sentinel

The men who watch,
through the lonely night.
Are guarding a world that sleeps,
They anxiouoly wait for the morning light.
While time, like tortoise, creeps.
The sentinel walk his post,
On the barren plain,
and the mountain crest and many a stormy coast.
Night after night,the world around,
All sentinels carry on.
Alert to detect the slightest sound.
Till, the shadows of night are gone.
The stars punctuate the lonely space.
But their light hold little cheer,
For the men who walk with a measured pace.
Their weary routine brings, no acclaim,
No praise from lips of man.
Their work will never be crowned with fame,
who watch through the long night's span.
They must brave the elements in any stage.
The blizzard with blinding snow,
The drenching rain and the thunder's rage,
And the wildest winds that blow.
The watch must be kept, so they do not quail,
Though discomforts be many and hard.
In lonely hours they will not fail,
That the world may sleep while they guard.
You who may slumber the whole night.
Untrouble by fear or fright.
Remember great credit is rightfully due,
to men who watch through the night.
{author unknown}

The Brave and Loyal Knight.

His untarnished armor like his eyes,
Reflect the brillance of blue skies.
While riding on horseback,
in his mighty brave stance.
A fighter of wrong and evil,
always at his best.
A helper of mankind,
and ladies in distress.
He never forgets his place in life.
While searching for his quest.
He will save fellow-man from terrible fate of death.
His heart is filled with courage,love,and honor.
He can always be trusted for he has,
many eternal verities.
He has enough unbridled valor to face the toughest plight.
And all the mighty courage to win,
the most fierce flight.
A bother to men,
A lover to women,
A fighter for the just,
A gift to all of us.
The brave and loyal Knight.
{author unknown}

The Dragon

Darkness, shadows, silence,
all conceding what is the night.
Look deeper, penetrate the darkness.
And see what lurks in the shadows of night.
A sight beyond reality lurks there.
A sight many fear.
A dragon in full glory stands,
Waiting to be heard.
Many fight it, fearing the unknown.
Knowing not what they do.
Wisdom guilding it thoughts.
Death comes to the dragon,
Yet it lives still on in are hearts.
Which we never forget what it felt,
When the dragon was there.
{author unknown}

Call Out to the Night

I call out to through the darkness black,
To the people of whom I often dream,
In hopes that I might recieve answer back.
From that in which I believe,
yet I never have seen.
I search for answers,
yet never have I find;
Only more question's to trouble my spirit.
Yet a voice seems to whisper words not unkind.
And so I move closer,
and struggle to hear it.
It speaks to my soul.
My mind can't understand,
I know something is there.
Wonderous and grand,
And if I could but learn,
true peace might I gain.
Soon all, around me are whisper,words without voice.
Oftening so many answers.
That I cannot hear,
Save once in awhile through hardship and choices.
When one sweet gentle words, finds it's way to my ear

Thus I know thou art good.
Thus I know thou art wise.
And thus I know that I'm gone unheard.
Thus I know thou are there.
thought unseen by my eyes.
Like the smell of morning dew,
Like the song of a bird.
(author unknown)

The Spider Room Incident...

I stun and burn, watch them fall,
My men all rally to my call,
spiders, gargoyles, frogs go down,
King of Undead, I wear my crown.
Bloody battle aftermath,
I could use a nice warm bath.
Though no time to stop and think.
Once again death is the brink,
Another pull and mana is low.
Convice the group to take it slow.
We finish up and sit to heal.
We drink our ale and shine our steel.
But look we up, a passer by,
In out midst he stopped and sighed.
"help" he said with his last breath.
Then he fell consumed by death.
Around the corner came a fury.
Minotaurs and Icebones surried.
One by two they fill the room,
Seemed we were to share this stranger doom.
"Assist" "Assist" "Assist" I say.
Yet at my feet a brother lay.
The wave of enimes prove to much.
Our band can not remain as such.
The druid called the power that be,
The gods of ocean, land, and trees.
Through the flame appears a mystic gate.
We step on through escaping fate.
Across the world we did soar.
Where once stood six, Now stand four.
{author Dayala}

o Disclaimer:All poetry was written by me, may not be republished or redistributed without my permission