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The Adept

"I have walked the path; the shadowed roads
that led to terror's breast. I have plumbed the depths of
Hatred's womb and scaled Destruction's crest.

For every secret left unveiled, for every power learned.
I'd sell the remmants of my soul, regardless how it burned.
And still I sought a higher wisdom few could have attained.
'Though I found it, it would leave me-broken, dammed and drained.

For now I find this power gained is more unto a curse.
My spirit burns with every spell and each irreverent verse.
Despite this strength and knowledge earned, I have paid a heavy toll.
Never should've traded power for my own immortal soul."
{author C. Vincent Metzen}

You know your playing to much Diablo when...

1.You see somthing you want and ask the owner if you could dupe it.
2. You wonder how much of the defence budget goes to stocking up on Scrolls.
3. You start referring to murderers as "Pk's".
4. You feel strange sense of apprehension when you vist the butcher at the market.
5.The phrase "GO to Hell" no longer seems particularly offensive.
6. You start to develop a liking for drinks that are coloured red, blue and especially golden.
7. You tell your friends to switch to "player friendly" mode when they accidentally hit you.
8.You instinctively reach for a Scroll of Identify when you find a ring in the streets.
9. You wish you knew the Town Portal spell so that you can get home quickly.
10. You start visualising a certain spell whenever you hear Internet techies talk about firewalls.
11. You wonder how much longer the Stone Curse spell will last each time you pass by a statue.
12. You are unable to speak in public without using a Scottish accent.
13. You start kicking the cat to gain experience points.
14. A level 50 cheater tries to kill your legit character and fails.
15. You insist that it was just a duel when you kill another Diablo fanatic and get arrested.
16.You answer the phone by saying,"Hullo! What can I do for ya?".
17.You say to yourself,"Church will never be the same again...".
18. After a hard day of work/school you wonder how many experience points
you've gained and where you should disbribute your points.
19. You go by your Diablo name.
20. You extract one of the game background music files from the
DIABODAT.MPQ and configure your system to play it each time you start up.
21. You look for big black mushroom when you are at the market.
22. You wonder if there are any Steel Lords around when you reach the 13th floor.
23. You try to convince the NYPD that the Arch-Bishop of New York City is really an
evil devil-worshipper, and that he is going to sacrifice the Mayor's son to the devil.
24.You think the neatest thing you have learned in the last 6 months is how to dupe.
25. Every time you see a fountain, you look for an old guy in a robe.
26.The only girl you know in the world is Gillian the maid.
27.You are kicked out of a museum for trying to hit the skeletons
with a club form the stone age exhibit.
28.You enter a book store and ask for book of Chain Lighting.
29. You meet a girl and first thing you ask her about is how much dexterity she has.
30. You ask your boss for the next quest.
31. You discard your gold ring because it is only a gold ring.
32.You go to church to search for various shines and open sarcophaguses.
33. You start asking people what level they are instead of their ages.
34. You ask a peg-legged street kid for a "Godly Plate of the Whale".
35.At your birthday, the only thing you can say is"I gonna pawn some of this stuff!".
36. You organize your coins into piles of 5,000 each.
37.You are on more than you are asleep.
38. Everyone on knows who you are.
39. You know who everyone on is.
40. You pile your unused belongings in the center of the park.
41. You try to cast mana shield before entering your boss' office.
42. You think golem boxing should be a Olympic sport.
43.You won't go near the dog because it may spit acid at you.
44. You hear a pin drop on the floor and think it's a ring or an amulet.
45.You wonder if potions of healing are prescription drugs.
46.You search city sewers and mausoleums for Arkaine's Valor.
47. You start putting"Tristram" as your town of residence of forms.
48.You pick up a long wooden stick and try to recharge it.
49. You pass a accident victim and reach for a Scroll of Resurrect.
50.You get lost in the subway and wish you could look at the automap.
51. You go to church and look for the stairs leading into the catacombs.
52.You make sure there isn't a trap on the door before going to your bedroom.
53. You tell your friends to give you 5000 gold if he wants you to dupe your homework.
54. You suggest to the Supreme Court that is good way to settle arguments.
55.People have to go to get ahold of you.
56.You finish reading a book and expect it to disappear.
57. You're convinced that hell is 13 levels below the ground.
58.You have your own Diablo web site.
59.You whisper "Psst..over here.."to get someone's attention.
60.You say "I can't use this...yet" when your friends give you something red.
61. You immediately reach for a weapon upon seeing a barrel.
62. You give away your account number on dates.
63.You ask the librarian if she has the Staff of Chain Lightning.
64.Your bored with Diablo.

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