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{Quotes from Drizzt Do'Urden}
Travel back to strange and exotic Menzoberranzan the vast city of the drow and homeland to Icewind Dale hero Drizzt Do'Urden. The young prince of a royal house,Drizzt grows to mature in the vile world of his dark kin. Possessing honor beyond the scoop of his unprincipled society young Drizzt faces an inevitable dilemma Can he live in a world that rejects integriy.

"I now view my long road as a search for truth in my own heart, in the world around me,
and in the bigger questions of purpose and of existence. How does one define good and evil."

There have been many times in my life when I have feel helpless. It is perphaps the most acute pain a person can know,
founded in frustration and ventless rage.

"Perhaps I care because I strive to be different from my people," he said "Perhaps I care because I am different from my people. I may be more akin to the races of the surface... that is my hope at least. I care because I have to care about something. You are not so different Bruenor Battlehammer. We care lest our own lives be empty."

"Do you not understand? To lose is to die!"

"You may win a thousand fights, but you can only lose one!"

"Allow me to begin again," Drizzt said. "Greetings, Akar Kessell." He bowed low.
"I am Drizzt Do'Urden, ranger of Gwaeron Windstrom, guardian of Icewind Dale. I have come to kill you."

Remember all things will pass. When you realize this is your life will open before you.
Remember to all things will end. So come to term with life.(Drizzt is the Alpha and Omega if you find yourself at the end of his blade!)

Hey elf, me next grandkid won't be striped, will it? (Bruenor) As long as it does not have a red beard.(Drizzt)

Come wizard feel the sting of a drows blades.

"I am no man's master, nor would I ever want to be."

"A king is a man strong of character and conviction who leads by example and truly cares for the suffering of his people,"
"Not a brute who rules simply because he is the strongest."

"This is vengeance. Let the giants see us, let them feel the terror of impending doom!"

Don't poke Drizzt, tis entirely unsociable.

I've spared with demons from the Nine Hells themselves, I shall barely break a sweat here today.

Where in the Nine Hells did you ever get the notion I would fight fair?

Let events take their own course, for I need no fantasies to belittle the great treasures I already posses.

There are many sights in the wide world, dear dwarf, that can not be seen from the shadows.
Many sounds more pleasant than the ring of steel, and many smells preferable to the stench of death.(Drizzt to Bruenor)

If you care for Drizzt Do'Urden, and if you ever loved Catti-Brie, hold the gate.(Drizzt to Wulfgar)

We each have our own roads to tread, and Wulgar has found his, and it is a path, I understand,
that is not wide enough for a companion.

Of all the races in the known realms, none is more confusing or confused than humans.(Drizzt to Entreri)

Impale your self on your blade and meet the only fate you deserve.(Drizzt to Entreri)

Look in the mirror Drizzt Do'Urden, without the mask, Killin' Entreri won't change the color of his skin or the color of yer own.

This is my legacy; by the grace of the gods, I am not alone.

I got first blood. Last counts more. (Artemis Entreri and Dizzt Do'Urden)

Come ahead if you will, but know that the next time you go down,you will not get back up.(Drizzt to Thibbledorf Pwent)

Those who fall climb back up and brighter they shine in those about them.

Goodness courage, and love is a song. In my travels I have learned one thing, evil creatures can not sing.

Joy multiplies when it shared among friends, but grief diminishes with every divison, That is life.

Should I even bother to remind you of the odds?

In the constant Underdark, anger broods until the taste for vengeance is sated.

I know much but care little.

Drizzt just smiles and draws his blades,"We shall see..."

"Speak less and your jaw will heal faster"(Zak to Drizzt after teaching him another valuable lesson...}

{Quotes from Bruenor Battlehammer}
A rock solid dwarf. The eldest surviving member of a small clan of dwarves and the only one who had witnessed the treasures of Mitril Hall the ancient home of his father's and their's before them. Drizzt oldest friend.

"Crazy I am! An never cross one what's crazier than yourself!"(Bruenor talking to Regis)

Aw ye durned elf! Yer always bringing trouble! Know that ye make life interestin'.

I don't know who put the spell on me but I actually fell in love with Joo.{Bruenor to Regis)

He got himself in trouble again or I am a bearded gnome.

I gotta make me a dwarven bow grumbles Bruenor. Dwarven bow? I didn't think dwarves used bows.(Bruenor and Aegis Fang}

"Bigger beastie, bigger the target!"

I'de be mean to, if I was that ulgy.

"Bah,"Bruenor spouted again. "It's sure be a sorry day when a drow-and a ranger, what's more-gets taken off "is guard on an open plain by two scab tundra yetis!" Bruenor licked his stained axe blade, than spat in disgust.

"crazy elf"mumbled Bruenor Battlehammer"trust him to fight" he looked around him at the dead giants"and win!"

Its just a club, Can't sending the boy out without a weapon. Yes just a club, mithril, adamantite,
and diamonds will just have to do. {Drizzt quizzing Bruenor about his gift of Aegis-Fang to Wulfgar}

(Quotes from Regis Rumblebelly)
This short little halfing started out in the hot sun of Calimport as a high ranking thief who took a prized hypnotic jewel from the Guide master, Pasha Pook. He escaped and went through almost every single town trying to avoid Artemis Entreri. He finally finds Ten-Towns and escapes pursuit... for a little awhile. Spokemen of Lonelywood a small town in Ten-Towns a secluded town hidden away in a small, thick wood of fir trees he makes his home there now.

"One morning, I'm sure-maybe even tomorrow-they'll find us up here, dead and frozen to this cursed mountains!" "Fear not, little friend," Drizzt answered with a smile.

"Really, you should ask before you steal me away! This perfectly marvelous cat had caught me the juiciest meal!"(Regis talking to Drizzt}

"I like my belly and intent to keep it, thank you. I may even add some more to it!

"I decided that I could not let Bruenor run off into trouble without me being there to pull him out."
(Quotes from Wulfgar)
As a rough, young barbarian, he came with the other barbarians on the raid of Ten-Towns. The barbarians were sorely defeated, few got away, but his young boy was left for dead and found by Bruenor. In exchange, Wulfgar worked for Bruenor for five years. The first four years he worked in a forge. Then after the forth year, he was taken and given a magical hammer, Aegis-fang, that was forged by Bruenor and was to study fighting under Drizzt. He learn alot from Drizzt, and even loved his spirit, and would follow him to his death if that's where Drizzt took him.

"I am Wulfgar, son of Beornegar;" "I have grown among the Tribe of the Elk, the finest warriors in all of Icewind Dale!"

"Bruenor said that he would cut me down to the height of a dwarf if I said a word!"

"I am resposible for all my people. Thus have I disregarded your insults. But when the day comes that I am no longer king, you would do well to cross my path no more!"(Wulfgar talking to Kemp)

"One to represent each of the four common races: Bruenor for the dwarves, Regis for the halflings, Drizzt Do'Urden for the elves, and myself for the humans. A fitting troupe!"


Let them know Drizzt Do'Urden, Wulfgar growled softly behind him, leading Drizzt all the strength he would ever need.

"Ye're suppose to be lookin' for the merchant,remember?"Wulgar."I was looking!" "Then I suggest ye look for the one lined in purple!"said Catti-Brie.

Wulfgar gave a growl that came from somewhere very, very deep within, a feral, primal sound that stole the words from Morik's mouth
as he was about to protest. A growl that ame from his torment in the pits of the abyess.

This piece will make a fine sword. Wulfgar mused Bruenor will be pleased.

"Let the Song of Tempos foretell the death of the goblins!"
(Quotes from Cattie-brie Battlehammer)
The orphaned human girl was brought up around the likes of dwarves, by Bruenor. She learn to fight from the training of Drizzt. She has been through a lot with Drizzt and has even gone as far as following him into the Underdark.

"More akin to the dwarf then you'd ever admit!" She laughed. "Both stubborn, both proud, and neither about to admit an honest feeling for the other. Have it your own way, then Wulfgar of Icewind Dale. To me you can lie, but to yourself...there's a different tale!"

Every day in every place is an adventure. This you have not yet learned. And so you chase down the distant roads, hoping to satisfy the hunger for excitement that burns in your heart. So go, Wulfgar of Icewind Dale. Follow your heart's trail and be happy!
{Quotes from Artemis Entreri}
He is the exact replica of Drizzt, but only in fighting. In emotions though he is the exact opposite and Pasha Pook's prime assassin.

Do keep ever present in your thoughts, my friend, than an illusion can kill you if you believe in it.said Jarlaxle
And the real things can kill you whether you believe or not.said Entreri

"I name supposedly good priests among,the least trustworthy of all creatures. They are on my scale just below
troglodytes and green slime, the greatest hypocrites and lairs in all the world."{Entreri say to Cadderly}

"Drizzt and I are not so different in many ways, In discipline at least."

"When layer is put upon layer, when all is a facade, within a webs of deception,the truth is what you make it.

"You talk better than you fight. A bad combanation" "Keep talking.You are making me wish that I had left you and the Crystal Shard behind."{Entreri to Jarlaxle}

I learned at very young age that I can not trust in or count on anyone but myself. To do so invites deceit and despair and open a
vulnerability that can be exploited. To do so is weakness."

A trembling hand does not trust the blade true-advice from an experience assassin.

Now that I am older the only thing I know for certain is that I know nothing for certain.

With every kill I gain wisdom, And with added wisdom I gain power.

It's not how one dies, its how one lives that truly matters.
(Quotes from Jaraxle Baenre}
However, Jaraxle Baenre, third son of Matron Baenre, once sacrificed to Lady Lloth and his siblings, knew better than to trust his own bother.

Jaraxle thought it over for few moments. Then, using words that Entreri himself had used before, he said with a laugh,"perhaps I hate drow more than I hate Humans.

Jaraxle has a blade to the belly of the man arcoss the table. "So clever of you to use my hertiage against me,"Jaraxle said to the protesting man. "A pity you didn't know I carry no weapon at all." All eyes went to the accuser. "He sitcked me, I tell ye!" "With" Jaraxle replied, holding his arms and cape wide. "You give me far to much credit, I fear, though I hope the ladies are paying you close heed.

{Quotes from Ivan Bouldershoulders}
ye think you could get through me dwarf made armor silly elf.

Well, are you just going to sit there, or are ye going to get up and block me way? {Ivan speaking to a skeleton in the catacombs}

Ye're the druid, Tell yer tree to bend down and pick the damned thing up!{Ivan speaking to Pikel}

{Quotes from Oliver deBurrows}
You are so very Brave. the halfling said to himself.

You know, sometimes its not so bad to be short.

My friend, he found a cockroach in his biscuit,but it gone now, and cockroaches, they do not eat so much

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