Keepers Of The Culture Storyteller

KOTC Logo ©1996 Columbus Knox 

 Our Logo represents aspects of African American traditional symbols: Elder, Ananci, Asante Stool, Aesop, Africa on African American flag, Family, Shaka Zulu, Ankh of Life, Kwanzaa Kinara, Youth, Cow Tail Switch (Nigerian Fly whisk) Drum and the Griot (storyteller) within the hour glass of the circle of time.




























Joslyn Duncan and TAHIRA - Stories in Service, 2010


Kwanzaa Celebration 2008

Watoto of Joy - Astarte




Pauline Cohen, Storytelling Irma, Charlotte Blake Alston, Caroliese Frink Reed, Queen Nur, DeniseValentine


                 KOTC with Founders Jawara Bishop, Wanda Gigetts, Charlotte Blake Alston, Caroliese

                       Frink Reed and Linda Goss (Center row left to right)    


                                                                                     Nashid Ali, Charlotte Blake Alston and  Lamont Dixon  







                                                                                      Oni Lasana & Mitch "Grand Daddy" Capel


                              Joann Frazier-Dasent, Oni Lasana, Storytelling Irma and Denise Valentine



                                          Queen Nur & Sarai Abdul-Malik @ Rehearsal for Family Day


Watoto of Joy


         Baba Jamal Koram officiating Induction Ceremony

                                                             Joann Frasier- Dasent with Ancestor Vina Bright