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Membership is open to anyone who is in support of our mission.  Members include storytellers, poets, visual artists, sculptors, singers, craft persons, musicians, dancers and educators.


Membership Categories 


Individual  -  $25
Youth/ Junior (under 18 or full-time student) - $15
Elder (over 60) - $15
Supporting - $50
Life Member - $400.00 


***SPECIAL OFFERING***:   Life time membership may be acquired by paying in installments. Simply, pay four installments of $100 by April 30, 2016. To sign-up for Life Time Membership Installment plan simply hit the SUBSCRIBE button below.

Membership Dues



Become a Life Member with four payments of $100 in four months



Please complete copy, and print form below.  Please send by standard mail or e-mail  KOTCorg@gmail.com :


Storytelling Name:________________________________________________________

Address:_________________________________________ City:__________________State:________

Email:_____________________________________ Web:_________________________________

Facebook:_________________________________   Phone:________________________________

Please circle applicable category:

Individual  -  $25                                             Youth/Junior (under 18 or full-time student) - $15
Elder (over 60) - $15                                      Supporting - $50
Life Member - $400.00 

Please circle one:

Payment by mail                                          Payment by Pay-pal     

Please indicate all that apply:

STORYTELLER:_________ SPOKEN WORD/POET:__________ AUTHOR: __________
EDUCATOR:________ CRAFTSPERSON:___________ ORAL HISTORIAN:________
DANCER:________ SCULPTOR:_________RESEARCHER:_______VISUAL ARTIST:__________

Please Check the committee(s) of interest to you:
(  ) Archival       (  )  Watoto of Joy Youth Program       (  ) Programs & Events        (  ) Membership

(  ) Community Outreach   (  ) Development/Grants

*Members receive employment opportunities and enrichment information by e-mail.
All members receive an official membership card, updates and an individual profile page or link to personal web page on the KOTC website!

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