About KOTC


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Brief History

  • Founded in 1991
  • Past Presidents:  Charlotte Blake Alston, Queen Nur, TAHIRA, Momma Sandi, Nashid Ali, Oni Lasana, Ronald Carter

 Meeting Place

            First Thursdays of the Month:  6: 00 p.m.

            Philadelphia Folklore Project

735 South 50th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143


Annual Programs


  • Family Day at the Philadelphia Main Library
  • Love Night:  An evening of stories, Poetry & Music
  • Kwanzaa Celebration



  •           Professional Development Workshops
  •           Storytelling Workshops


Mentorship Program        


         Cowrie Shell Path to Success (series of workshops and activities for members.)




  • Philadelphia Folklore Project
  • African- American Museum of Philadelphia
  • University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology
  • InFACT, Inc.
  • Art Sanctuary
  • TAHIRA Productions, Inc.


Collaborative Program Highlights


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Patchwork Guild:  Tellabration

Purdue University Black Cultural Center: Throwing Down the  
            Gauntlet: Telling the Stories of Sisters in the Black Panther Party 
            through the African Oral Tradition.




Watoto of Joy (Youth Program)

Community Outreach

Programs & Event 

History & Archive