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8-02-99 I heard another rumor, this one is about Project Born. There is a rumor going around the chat room that project born might be signed to Psychopathic again! It may not be true though.

8-01-99 I been hearing rumors that ICP was going to play the Another Love Song music video on MTV but decided not to because they had to take some parts that they didn't like. This is only a rumor, it might not be true. HA!

7-27-99 Death Jesta finished his LUCIPHA page today. go to the main page and check it's mad phat.

7-27-99 I would just like to say that I don't give a fxck if you like this site! I could care less! This ass hole e-mailed me and said shxt like this site sucks and that shxt but i don't care because you are just waisting your time. fxck that, time is waiste.

7-24-99 Yo Yo. I got some TIGHT ASS new graphics and animations from MARS. a cool rapper. go to Mad Insanity Records to buy his PHAT album. The animations he gave me are incredible! go check them out!

7-24-99 NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This is kinda late but, i just found out that ICP canceled the stop at LA!! I was looking forward to that! NOOOOOOOOOO! I don't mean to be mean or nothing but, ICP did sell out. They should have kept up their tour so they could please all of the juggalos! Not cancle it so they could go to woodstock and please a whole bunch of GAY Korn and Limp Bizkit fans! DAMMIT!

7-22-99 Hey, Death Jesta got a letter from the ICP fan club FINALLY! It was a whole bunch of old news though. If you send a letter to the fan club be patient because it takes em like 1 year to reply. it does! No joke, but I think they get alot of mail. duh.

7-21-99 Sup, the krypt recently sent a demo tape to some independent record label called Horrified Rhymes records. They recieved the demo tape and hated it! just kidding, he loved it. We are in. But the label is so underground that we can't make no money god dammit! We are working on a site for the's coming soon.

7-20-99 Hey, The Krypt added a poll to the MAIN page. go vote for which pop star you would like to decapitate or burn. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. We have a whole bunch of suckas!

7-18-99 Yo, the Krypt has been working on this page for a long time and I think it is about time we got a banner, and we did! It is on the front page if you want to go check it out!

7-16-99 Hey everybody! The sound section is finished so I think that you should go check it out! This page has been getting updated alot of times and will probably be lowered a bit because of my jacked up computer. The Damn thing freezes every damn second and it is hard to get to the editor. So be patient yo! The news section was also added.

7-15-99 You can go check out our sounds section if you want to but we are not quite done with it. So far we have about 8 Twiztid songs and we should be adding a whole bunch of ICP songs in the meantime. So keep tooning in to see the RARE sound samples that we get!

7-15-99 Hello, this is a new section where we will be telling you a whole bunch bullshxt, rumors, and shxt that we just plain out hate. So make sure that you tune in every day to see if we updated this section. If you have some interesting bullshxt than e-mail us. But this ain't the news section so don't expect to here shxt about ICP every time we update this section.

7-15-99 You know what I'm sick of? I'm sick of people telling me that Twiztid are better than ICP. If it weren't for ICP then Jamie Maddrox would be out on the streets on top of monoxide child. Monixide child would be bagging for his life. So I don't want to here shxt about how ICP is getting old and Twiztid is the new era because that is just a bunch of BULLSHXT!

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