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8-06-99 The Family Values tour with ICP on it will be cenceled.....HA! Just playin wit ya, it has been confirmed that ICP will go on that gay ass tour with Limp Bizkit and Torn. uuuhhhh, they will miss only 1 stop cuz dey gots to go to the Hallowicked thing in Detroit. BLAAHHH!

8-06-99 Yo, ICP will go on Howard Stern on August 28. Be sure to check dat out yo.

8-03-99 Also, the thing where you go to St. Louis and get the cd with ICP and Twiztid and Blaze is back on! Their will be a Juggalo party thingy on Dec. 28 at St Louis which means I think that ICP will be their. HA! I don't know if they will show up or not it is just some rumor that i heard in the ICP chat room.

8-03-99 Yup Yup, ICP is coming out with a new single for "I want my Shxt." The single will include Twiztid on a track. Personally i don't think that I want my shxt was one of their better songs, but, it's up to them not me.

8-01-99 Hey, good news. ICP re-scheduled the concerts that got canceled. I am probably not going to go to them but....go to to get the tour dates.

7-27-99 Oh yeah, I don't know if some of you read it in the newspaper or not but, ICP started a riet at woodstock because they through baloons in the croud with 100$ bills attatched to them and everybody got beat the shxt out of. HAHAHAHA. they were on stage for an hour. they got paid 100,000$ to go to woodstock and leave me and my bro home alone depressed about how we didn't get to go to the Jeckel Bros concert today because of that! AAAHHHHH

7-27-99 ICP signed with Family Values. Dammit. that should dissapoint some more fans. But they will be touring with Limp Bizkit and Korn. Those bands suck.

7-20-99 ICP appeared on WCW last night . . . . I missed it cuz I wasn't ready for it. I was laying in my bed watching nasty old Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker battle in a rediculouse match.

7-19-99 ICP and TWIZTID will be coming out wit new BEANIE BOYZ in November. Their will also be a limited addition one with ALEX ABBIS.

7-19-99 Yo, Well, ICP and Twiztid and Blaze or whatever that guy is are going to to their own tour after the Jeckel Bros one called the "Psychopathis-Nauts from Space tour" This tour is going to last . . . . . 5 mutha fuckin MONTHS! Thats right! They will be playing in every little town in avery little city in every little state! They will be also playing in clubs n shit.

7-18-99 W'sup everybody this is Death Jesta comin at ya for the very first time!! LOL! Anyways, I just wante to share with you some news and rumors that have been goin around. First, There were rumors going around in the ICP chat room and from just many sources that ICP is going to appear on MONDAY NITRO on 7-19-99. It has not been confirmed or anything...and i'm not sure..I'm just reporting rumors. You could try visiting the WCW website or some shxt like that. But if I were you i'd get those video tapes ready and get your TV fixed and record that BXTCH! There were also reports from many juggalos that have already been to the jeckel bros tour that said that ICP or any of the opening acts don't give away any free stuff this time. :( . I'm rather sad. NOT MAD!!, but sad. Because most of the other tours and shxt that ICP does they give away free shxt.....but I did hear that they give away free faygo. Thats a good sign. So I'll keep ya posted on any upcomin news! Keep comin back!!!

7-16-99 Yo Yo Yo. I got some breaking news for everybody today. You know how ICP and Twiztid and Blaze made that gangsta rap album over other peoples music? Well, They recently canceled the thing where you had to go to St Louis on Dec. 28 to that record store and they will now be selling it at the next tour that they do. Not the Jeckel Bros tour, but the next one after that. The album will be sold for 20$ I think.

7-16-99 Yeah, I have been hearing alot about Coal Chamber being kicked off the tour and some sucky band replacing them but to tell you the truth, I am glad they got kicked off the tour! I can't stand that Coal Chamber shxt! And whoever this other band is that is replacing Coal Chamber has to be better then CC!

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