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Fxck You

I got it! click here to see what the front and back of the single will look like.

Hey, the album cover below is a bit wrong, KRAZY is spelled wrong, it's supposed to be KRAZY not KRAYZY. hahahahaahaha. Hey, don't call me a moron, call MARS a moron, just kiddin, i don't know what happened. But it got fixed so don't worry about it.
Yo Yo!!! The Indian Murders cover is finished! Their may be a few changes, it depends on what MARS thinks, but I think that the cover is great! here it is:
remember, that may not be the finished cover, like, we may put a PARENTAL ADVISORY sign on their somewhere. But thats definately going to be the actual cover thing. The cd will be out soon. I'll keep ya posted.
well, thats what the cover might look like on the compilation that me and my bro might be a part of. I stole it from the guestbook of but don't worry, I'm givin YK some credit. A dope dude named YK made that cover. He is so fxcking dope.

What is Krazy krypt? Well, we are an underground rap band. You might be thinkin, "oh these idiots are just tryin to be like L.U. Cipha" BUT NO! We started rapping 1 1/2 years ago and when we started we ain't never even heard of ICP yo! We have currently been sending out our demo tapes to 2 or 3 record company's and they are probably going to tell us that we suck! Cuz we can't afford to record in the Record Studio so we have to use a piece of crap Karoake Machine. HAHAHAHA laugh it up, but you won't be laughing when the Curse of the white man from town, goes ON YOU PAL! Anyway, if you by any chance wanna purcase one of these piece of crap tapes it's 4.00$ HA!
Yup Yup! Mad Insanity records recieved our demo tape today and that that it was funny as fxck! So if they can record the song onto the Compilation of UMSIGNED artists without it sounding like shxt then the cd will be released locally! The Krypt will recieve 5 copys of the cd! That rocks! This is the first time i am ever gonna here my go damn voice on a god damn cd god damnit. It's all good! And MARS, a rapper for Mad Insanity Records has agreed to make us an album cover. If you wanna know what his shxt looks like, i mean, like, how good his cover images are, go to the animations page and look at the JRZ pic. But ours is going to have Jokero and Death Jesta both holding up Indian Guts because our song is called "The Indian Murders." He is also givin us some other shxt too that is non ICP related.

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