Hate Mail

BLAAAHHHHH! This is a section for all the people that think they are cool and funny by sending us hatemail. You guys, we don't give a horeses shxt what anyone else thinks. send all the hate mail! before you leave this site send hatemail. Go a fxcking head. you ain't never getting rid of us. HAHAHAHA.

Subj: Hate Mail

Date: 99-07-30 20:36:50 EDT

From: mad_kable99@yahoo.com (Bootleg Ninja)

To: j0ker0@aol.com

ICP is ok, you are not

a few things to think of:

1. get off Castro's nuts.

2. get off Mad Insanity's nuts.

3. The Brand X cover was easy as hell to make dont give that much credit to YK.

4. Do you even know what YK stands for?

5. Post some fucking sound clips homo.

6. Redo your fucking site, it sucks.

7. source my page and redo yours.

8. get off ICP's nuts.

9. go to my site



That guy obviously had way to many blow jobs

Subj: Re: stupid..lilttle bxtch

Date: 99-07-27 22:29:25 EDT

From: amisexytran@yahoo.com (Amber Tran)

To: J0KER0@aol.com

your probably just sum stupid ass kid prolly young acting old maybe 13, or 12, trying to make a cool page... Thats really gay too, oh i got a page and i dont make it for people to critizise it. your []Dage is STUPID, gay, dull and all it is , is stolen graphics. LOL gay ass lil kid

Thats it for now. Keep em comin.

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