Bad Traders

Hey juggalos. This is a section that will warn all of you traders out their. DON'T TRADE WITH THESE ASS HOLES! This section is spesifically placed for those who think that it is funny to rip people off. I have a word of advice for all of you people that have been ripped off, put their names on a whole bunch of shit that they didn't order and charge it to their house muthafucka!!!!!

1.) aka (I sent this mutherfucker a TOLXXX and he never sent me my shit!) here is is addy:

Bryan dumba ass Scott
917 claiborne AVE
Vinton, VA 24179

2.)DRW998 (submitted by MARS MIR)

3.)Strekie420 (this bitch ripped me and Death Jesta off! He was supposed to give us a Fxck Off tape! We sent him a whole bunch of shxt!) here is his addy:

Dereck Fxck Nut DeCluitt
10980 FM 1783
Gatesville, TX 76528-4713

4.) (submitted by MARS MIR)

If you gots any bad traders e-mail me.

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Bad Traders Link 2 us

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