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Hey juggalos. This page is for all of the traders out their that think that they have something that the Krypt may want. If you don't know what we want . . . well . . . read this you dumb ass.


Chicken Huntin single

Fxck Off shirt white and black

Fxck Off cd

Riddle Box Chicken Huntin shirt

Riddle Box chicken huntin poster

doubles of SEALED jokers cards

More EP's (reccomended to be sealed)

Posters of all the jokers cards

Any shirts that we don't have

Psychopathic Beanie

Psychopathic hat

Any Flyers that we don't have

Well, that is all for now, if you have any of that stuff please e-mail one of us!

click on the bloody skull to e-mail DEATH JESTA click on the reaper to e-mail Jokero