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Sup L.U.Cipha fans this is Death Jesta and this is my 1st unofficial L.U.Cipha page.

Gates of Hell by Hex is out now! Be sure to purchase that at or get information from this site. If you pre-ordered Gates Of Hell then you get a Devil Mask cassette and a witchez brew postcard.

Lucipha is coming out with a hell of a lot of mad fresh albums later this year. To get info on those go to the upcoming albums section.

I'd like to give a mad shout out to my homie HEX who is bein so dope and lettin me use his stuff. Hex is bein real cool about everything.....he is helpin me and hookin me up.........he's doper then dope. MAD WICKED!

Also, I put H6llow66n Child's lucipha page banner at the bottom of this site. It is also in the links section. Much props goes to h6llow66n child for helpin me out and puttin my link up on his page. Much props!

All pics are coutesy of for 1134 productions. For more ordering information go to Thanks a lot Hex!

-Death Jesta


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