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Welcome To Veronica DeJesus's E8TP Home Page
"The following work of arts are pieces which I've put the most dedication to.  Hopefully, it will help you have a better understanding of certain literatures, and characters."

Table of Content
"A Brief Autobiography of the person that I am"
I. Creative Writing
a. Point of View Writing
b. Personality Disorder Story
c. How to prepare ourselves for the future
d. Ophelia's Letter to Hamlet
II. Hamlet Project
      a. Act I, Act II, and Act III
      b. Act IV
      c. Act V
III. Book Reports
    a. Book Report #1
     b. Book Report #2

IV. Favorite Essays
    a. The Bluest Eye, written by Toni Morrison
    b. The Gift, by Danielle Steel
     c. Blindness Vs. Vision

V.  My Favorite Poem

VI. Journal Writing
      a. Double Entry Journals and Writing
VII. Tech-Prep Project
    a. Tech prep in my eyes
      b. Sample of college essay
      c. Sample of Critical-Analysis essay
      d. Resume sample

VIII.  Macbeth
   a.  Outline on the tragedy, Macbeth


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