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Welcome to the Pin Room

Pin trading is a way of life in Williamsport. It is a key to meeting people from all over the world. By designing and trading pins, you not only share a part of yourself, but you also take with you a piece of a different culture or a trophy of an athletic quest or conquest. You engage the participants of the tournament and vicariously experience this pinnacle of childhood. Here are some interesting pins to look for in Williamsport!

NDLL Pins Designed by Mac and Me

We designed the pins above with a lot of help from Brian Dorsey in the Art Dept. at Wilson Trophy Company...We started our "First in Flight" series last year and were trading them at the World Series in 2000. I collect World Series historical pins , world championship pins , world series participation pins (very hard to come by) , international pins (particularly pins from the Far East and Latin America), North Carolina pins , team "uncle" pins , cut out pins , or anything else that strikes a chord with my love for THE GAME

Click on each pin above to get a closer look and a short story about the pin.

Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei, once a dominant force in Williamsport, is no longer affiliated with the organization, evidently due to their refusal to comply with boundary regulations. League boundaries and age restrictions are essential in order to maintain parity in local through international competition. Its been a lot more fun not having a "dominant force" every year, but I sure do miss watching the Taipei practices and collecting their pins!

Toms River East!!!

What a run the guys from Toms River East, NJ had. After winning the world championship in 1998, they were stopped in the United States final by a gutsy little team from Phenix City, Alabama in 1999! But nobody came close to Toms River in terms of pin production that year. These samples were very hot items in the pin tent.

We ran into two of the stars from the World Champion 1998 team this year in the pin tent. RJ Johansen and Scott Fisher posed for this picture about half way through the 2000 tournament. RJ was the team's center fielder and Scott was a dominating pitcher in the '98 tournament. I traded Scott for a rare corrected version of the monkey pin above, in which Scott's first name was misspelled (Scctt). WilliamSPORT 2000 wishes continued good luck to both of these fine boys.


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