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The Road to WilliamSPORT!

The road to Williamsport begins with league competition among "major league" teams. On this page, you'll visit my team, the NDLL Yankees, and you can follow our league's progress as we submitted our entries for the great tournament that ultimately leads to the World Series!

The 2000 North Durham Yankees

Our Yankee team was made up of, truly, a remarkably talented group of 9-12 year old boys. I am very proud of our team and the progress we made this season. We weathered some storms together, had highs and lows like any team, but through it all, we remained true to one another as team mates. The NDLL Yankees, an exceptionally young team with five 9-10 year olds, finished third in the competitive North Durham major league.

Coach Roberts is a master of the sport, a proven teacher, and an eternal optimist (shown here with Logan and Wade). The coach's infectious laugh is a wonderful reminder that its just a game, and as great as baseball is, nothing to get too serious about.

9-10 Year Old Allstars

Our 9-10 year old (defending state champion) allstars swept through the district tournament, and put together some remarkable come-backs to recapture the state title in 2000. Unfortunately, this tourney ends at the state level for the 9-10 year-old allstar teams.

11-12 Year Old Allstars

Our 11-12 year old allstar team took a great shot at making some ground on WilliamSPORT. A very athletic team with pitching depth, hitting throughout the order, great defense and a top notch coaching staff. They breezed through the district in four staight games with a combined score of 41-0! Despite a tremendous effort, they fell short in the state tourney, thus ending their quest for Williamsport.


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