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Gallery: World Series 2000

The 2000 World Series did not disappoint. Chris, Mac and I participated in the festivities of this, the final season of the eight-team tournament. Next year, 16 teams will be involved, and the games will be played in two adjacent stadiums. The pictures on this page are a sampling of the week's events:

Fun in the Sun!

There are plenty of great games to watch from within the comfortable surroundings of Williamsport. The freedom experienced at the games and the beautiful and serene environment around you at all times are enough to please most kids at heart. Here are a few shots from in and around the stadium.

Friends and Friendly Faces in the Pin Tent

Chris and Mac (above with me) played at Dilworth Little League in Charlotte, NC. Now they're both 17; but like their former coach, they haven't lost the love of pure and innocent baseball, such as the ball played in Williamsport. We spent time between games trading pins with other Williamsport faithfuls.


Practice and Games

Above: Southern ace Ross Haggard warms up for the US Championship. Below: Here are some shots taken at the practice of the soon-to-be World Champs and some allstar game action.


My Love for THE GAME

The Road to WilliamSPORT

The Games

Pin Room

Wins and Losses

A Special Moment in Williamsport