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Wins and Losses

My first pinbag, signed and dated by 12 year old Sean Burroughs in 1993. Sean lead Long Beach, California to back-to-back world championships in 1992 and 1993. He is now considered a very hot major league prospect.
God rest your soul. I miss you Kelvin. Its so important learning how to lose when you're young. Losses teach you how to handle dissappointments that may really matter later on in life.

Jim Whittington and Sportsman of the Year

I met Jim Whittington while managing teams in Dilworth, NC. We dedicated our field to him (see NC pin on Pins Page) as he was instrumental in making the league flourish. Mr. Whittington, Chairman of the Board of Directors with LL, passed away in 1999. Thanks for everything Jim. You will not be forgotten.

My first team in 1979. I still remember every one of these boys: top to bottom, left to right its Andy, Walter, Tommy, Larry, Earl, Kevin, Mark, Kurt, Oscar and Scott. We never won a game. Wonder if they'll ever see this page!

Having a pretty good time at a team party.

A picture taken during a District Allstar Tournament one year for Dilworth. The tall boy on the line, Barrett Wright, was drafted by Tampa Bay and is pitching in their farm system.

Parade of Champions!!

The Parade of Champions occurs at both opening and closing ceremonies. The teams are presented in all their glory, carrying individual team banners, doffing their caps to the crowd. "Its a Small World After All!"

I took this picture just after the boy rounding second had hit the longest home run in World Series history. The ball was caught on the hill to the left of the scoreboard (see box). Click the pic to get a close-up of the image in the box - a fan holds up the ball where it was caught!

A very proud moment for a great team...the undefeated 1988 Dilworth Orioles!


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