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Player: NPC
Clan: Gargoyle (Free-Willed)
Nature: Celebrant
Demeanor: Curmudgeon
Generation: 9th
Created: 1140
Apparent Age: 32
Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 0
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3
Talents: Alertness 4, Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 3, Empathy 1, Intimidation 2
Skills: Acrobatics 1, Blind Fighting 2, Melee 1, Stealth 3, Survival 2
Knowledges: Academics 1, Alchemy 1, Koldunism 2, Linguistics 1, Lore (Gehenna) 1 Occult 2
Disciplines: Flight 2, Fortitude 1, Obfuscate 1, Potence 1, Thaumaturgy 2, Visceratika 5
Thaumaturgy: Path of Transmutation 2, Path of Bone 4
Rituals: Defense of the Sacred Haven (lvl. 1), Recure of the Homeland (lvl. 2)
Backgrounds: Age 1, Generation 3
Merits/Flaws: Additional Discipline (5 pt. merit), Acute Sight/Hearing (1 pt. merit each), Clan Enmity: Tremere (4 pt. flaw)
Virtues: Conscience 3, Self Control 3, Courage 4
Road: Chivalry 5
Willpower: 10
Maximum Blood Pool: 14
Maximum Per Turn: 2
Maximum Trait Rating: 5

Discipline Abilities:

Flight 2
Effect: This Discipline endows the ability of flight upon a Gargoyle.
System: You may make running takeoffs and carry a maximum payload of 20 pounds. Your maximum speed is 30 miles per hour.

Fortitude 1
Effect: Your Fortitude allows you to soak damage from sunlight and fire. Each level of Fortitude gives you one additional soak die when soaking any wounds.
System: simply add Fortitude to Stamina for the purposes of soaking wounds. Only a character with Fortitude may soak sunlight or fire.


The Path of Bone 1 - Tremens
Effect: You may cause the flesh of a corpse to shift once. The shifting is in the common manner of corpse movements, a twitch, an arm flopping over, eyes opening, etc.
System: Spend one Blood Point, and roll Dexterity + Occult (diff 6). The more successes acieved, the more complicated the actions allowed. One success will allow the corpse to twitch or blink, while five successes allows you to set specific conditions for more complicated actions. This power can never cause a dead body to attack or inflict damage.

The Path of Bone 2 - Apprentice's Broom
Effect: This power allows you to animate a dead body and cause it to perform simple functions (manual labor). These cadavers do not attack, speak, or interact, they just do their job until they are rendered inanimate (which usually takes dismemberment, fire, or similar methods).
System: Spend one Blood Point and one Willpower, then roll Wits + Occult (diff 7). The maximum number of corpses animated is one per success. You must then state a task for them to complete. The will work until the job is completed (and then collapse) or they are destroyed. Bodies animated by this power will continue to decay, although more slowly than normal.

The Path of Bone 3 - Shambling Hordes
Effect: Shambling Hordes will reanimate corpses with the ability to attack (slowly and not very well). Once animated, these corpses wait (for years, if necessary) to fulfill the command given to them. Whatever combat orders are given (usually defense of a place) will be carried out until the last zombie is destroyed.
System: Spend one Willpower, then one Blood Point per corpse to be animated. Roll Wits + Occult (diff 8), one zombie is animated for each success (up to the Blood Point expenditure). Each zombie can follow one simple instruction (Guard against intruders, Attack, Burn the Village, etc.). These zombies will wait forever to fulfill their function. Even after the flesh has completely rotted off of their bones, they are still able to fight.

The Path of Bone 4 - Soul Stealing
Effect: This power will temporarily turn a being into a pseudo-Wraith, as it strips the soul from a mortal (or vampiric) body. A person affected by this power becomes a Wraith fettered by her own empty body.
System: Spend one Willpower, then make a contested Willpower roll (diff 6 for both) against the intended victim. Successes indicate the number of hours during which the original soul is forced out of it's housing. The body remains alive (or undead) autonomically, but is catatonic. This power can create suitable hosts for possession.

Obfuscate 1 - Cloak of Shadows
Effect: You may conceal yourself with shadows. Once concealed, you must stand silent and still, if you move, attack, or fall under direct light, the cloak is dropped. Close observation may also penetrate the cloak. System: No roll is needed, the power works automatically provided that you fulfill the criteria above. So long as you remain silent, motionless, and in shadow, only a vampire with high Auspex may see you, and then only when specifically looking for hidden things.

Potence 1
Effect: Your Potence adds automatic successes to Strength rolls. In melee and brawling combat, these successes count on the damage roll.
System: Make your Strength rolls as usual, then add one success per point in Potence. For tests of Strength, if your Potence rating exceeds the number of successes required, you perform the action without needing to roll.

All Thaumaturgy Paths require that one Blood Point be spent, and a Willpower roll must be made (difficulty of the power's level + 3). A failure indicates that the magic does not activate, while a botch indicates that a point of permanent Willpower is lost and the magic still does not activate.

The Path of Transmutation 1 - Fortify the Solid Form
Effect: With this power, you may increase the strength and integrity of an item. In practice, it will increase the offensive and defensive capabilities of any object. This power will not work on a living or undead creature, only on inanimate objects.
System: Roll as usual. For each success, the object will absorb one extra health level of damage. If used in combat, the object will also inflict one extra die of damage per success. An object may absorb or inflict a maximum of five extra health levels or dice of damage. The effects last for one scene.

The Path of Transmutation 2 - Crystallize the Liquid Form
Effect: This power may be used to solidify any liquid. Liquids within living or undead bodies cannot be solidified, but blood exiting the body may. Solid blood cannot be consumed.
System: For every success on the activation roll, you may transform one Bloop Point's worth (2 pints) of liquid into solid form. The substance will not change in temperature (so molten lava is still very hot...). The liquid must be within your range of sight.

Visceratika 1 - Skin of the Chameleon
Effect: This power will cause your skin to take on the color and texture of the surrounding surfaces. This alteration changes reflexively as long as you move at walking speed or slower. More rapid movement will cause a blur. If used in flight, you skin will mimic the night sky, but will not change to reflect nearby buildings.
System: Spend one Blood Point. Your Stealth dice pool is increased by five dice, provided that you move no faster than walking speed, and that flight is only performed against a blank night sky.

Visceratika 2 - Scry the Hearthstone
Effect: This power gives you an innate sense of the location of everyone (whether hidden or not, including uses of Disciplines for concealment) with an enclosed structure.
System: Spend one Willpower Point. As long as you remain in contact with the structure, or until the next sunset, this power is active. This power may be used on anything up to the size of a large castle. You gain a sense of the location, size, and physical condition of any living or unliving beings inside the structure. To pinpoint a location, roll Perception + Alertness (diff 6). If the subject is actively hiding, they may oppose this with a Wits + Stealth roll (diff 6). Anyone under the influence of Obfuscate or similar powers are partly protected (compare the victim's Obfuscate to your Visceratika minus 1. Whichever score is higher wins. If the two scores are equal, make a resisted roll of your Perception + Subterfuge vs. their Manipulation + Subterfuge - the diff is 7 for both rolls).

Visceratika 3 - Bond with the Mountain
Effect: Similar to Earth meld, this power allows you to meld into stone (or stonelike substances) This merge is not quite complete, though. A faint outline of your shape may still be seen.
System: Spend two Blood Points. The merge takes four turns to complete. Your outline may still be seen with a Perception + Alertness roll (diff 9). If attacked while Bonded with the Mountain, you have triple your normal soak dice against all attacks, however, if your sustain three or more health levels of damage, you are forced out of the bond and disoriented (-2 to initiative on the first turn after forced out).

Visceratika 4 - Armor of Terra
Effect: Your skin is now far tougher than before, and you are granted extra soak dice, although you sanse of touch is diminished.
System: This power is always active. You have one extra soak die for all aggravated and lethal damage, and two extra soak dice for all bashing damage. You now reduce all wound penalties by one, and damage pools from fire-based attacks are halved (for you only). The difficulty of all touch-based Perception rolls are increased by two, due to the density of your skin.

Visceratika 5 - Flow Within the Mountain
Effect: You may now travel through stone as though it were thick liquid.
System: First use Bond with the Mountain, then spend two more Blood Points. You may only move through solid stone, anything else blocks motion. You cannot see, but have spatial awareness to a radius of 50 yards. If two or more vampires interact while Flowing within the Mountain, only physical contact is possible, all damage dice pools are halved, and dodge/parry attempts are at -2 diff. Underground chases are resolved with an extended and resisted Strength + Athletics roll.
You may also use this power to walk through a stone wall without first Bonding with the Mountain. Spend 1 Blood Point, then roll Strength (diff 8, add successes for Potence). You may travel through a thickness of stone (in feet) equal to the number of successes rolled. If the barrier is thicker than this, you are trapped until you are chiseled out or use Flow within the Mountain.


Roll Intelligence + Occult (diff 3 + the level of the ritual, maximum 9). Only one success is required for the ritual to work, although extra successes may grant a greater effect. Unless otherwise stated, rituals require five minutes per level to cast.

Level One

Defense of the Sacred Haven This ritual prevents sunlight from entering an area within 20 feet of the ritual's casting. The caster draws sigils in her own blood on each portal to be affected. This ritual requires one hour to perform, and costs one Blood Point.

Level Two

Recure of the Homeland This ritual puts an enchment on any amount of dirt from the place of the vampire's birth. A handful of dirt so prepared may be used to heal one aggravated wound per night. This ritual may ony be cast once per night. The dirt can only be so used once.

Level Three

of the unfettered earth??? What is the title of this ritual, and where did you find it (book and page)?

Level Four

The Curse Belated This ritual allows you to prepare a ghoul to become a vampire upon it's death. One point of PERMANENT blood must be temporarily invested in the ghoul, and then one Blood Point is fed to the same ghoul. This ghoul, on completion of the ritual, must be branded with the caster's sigil, which vanishes when the ritual is activated. The second Blood Point fed to the ghoul cannot be used to power any abilities. Upon the ghoul's death, this inaccessible Blood Point will act as a catalyst, performing the Embrace in absentia for the ghoul's master. There is a slight delay after death, to allow the ghoul's killers time to depart. The permanent Blood Point invested in the ghoul returns to the caster after the Embrace occurs.

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