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Friends come and go
But friends like you are rare
Because I know
That even if we're far apart
The memories of you
Will stay in my heart.

"A friend is someone
who knows the song
in your heart
and can sing it back
to you when you have
forgotten the words."

TCP Adventure Team Crazy Poses
for Keepsake

"Many have questioned the quality of this sort of achievement,
deploring the use of pitons, tension traverses and expansion bolts,
but the record speaks for itself.
This is a technical age and climbers will continue in the future
to look for new routes. There is nothing more satisfying than being a pioneer."  

a rugged terrain

"Mountain climbing is extended periods of intense boredom,
interrupted by occasional moments of sheer terror."

Still one of those crazy moments!
Guys, better make a hay while the sun shines this summer!

Never mind this pix, t'is is just one of those..
4-get it folks!

Enjoyin' those quiet moments
You wouldn't want to end summer '99 without anything to remember for LIFE, would you?

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