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This life is yours
Take the power
to choose what you
want to do
and do it well
Take the power
to love what you
want in life
and love it honestly
Take the power
to walk in the forest
and be a part of nature
Take the power
to control your own life
No one else can do it for you
Nothing is too good for you
You deserve the best
Take the power
to make your life
and very happy
while you
reach for
your dreams

by Susan Polis Schutz

The Author

SMB Environmentalists Climbed
Mt. Sibulan for a Cause
May 8, 1999
Sharon Thea C. Guerrero

Go the extra mile at every opportunity today and you will be following the greatest secret of success known to man. The one certain "good" method of turning this day into a glorious success is to work harder, longer and more intensely than anyone expects you to do. Always render more and better service than that for which you are being paid and you will soon be paid for more than you do.

a rugged terrain

The cool relief of an ocean breeze on a hot summer day.
Get more mileage from your energy!

Make every moment sparkle...
Above picture was taken @ Barangay Hall of Mt. Sibulan
From left: Ian A, Ceasar T, Garry VC, JoAnn L and Wilma R

Let desire be your destiny!

This is just one of nature's soothing sights and sounds inviting the weary but still smiley - environmentalist to get back and give time to the pleasures of adventure!

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