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"The first question which
you will ask
and which I must try to
answer is this,
'What is the use of climbing
Mount Everest ?'
and my answer must at once be,
'It is no use'.
There is not the slightest
of any gain whatsoever.
Oh, we may learn a little
about the
behavior of the human body
at high altitudes,
and possibly medical men
may turn our
observation to some account for
the purposes of aviation.
But otherwise nothing will
come of it.
We shall not bring back
a single bit of
gold or silver, not a gem,
nor any coal or iron.
We shall not find a single foot of earth
that can be planted with
crops to raise food.
It's no use.
So, if you cannot understand that there is
something in man which responds
to the challenge
of this mountain and goes
out to meet it,
that the struggle is
the struggle of life
itself upward and forever
upward, then you won't
see why we go.
What we get from this
adventure is just sheer joy.
And joy is, after all,
the end of life.
We do not live to eat
and make money.
We eat and make money
to be able to enjoy life.
That is what life means
and what life is for."


Go rock-climbing. Even if you break your leg at least you did it with courage. Why don't you try discovering who you are truly as an individual and unfoldwhat other people have to say and learning how to listen to the songs of nature...

Each of us possesses a spark of individual brilliance. Everyone of us is capable of accomplishing something in our unique way that cannot be accomplished by anyone else.

On the way to the rugged terrain
Isn't this a great time to let go of your burdens and school loads?

Above (from left): Pinky, Liezl, Tess, Butch S (holding the handy cam), Hazelle,
Butch O (kid in black), John and Bruce
Sitio Salkak is one of the unvisited, free zone that offers a variety of trails that traverse scenic ultra-rugged country

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