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A Journey Into the Wet...

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Get Into the Chambers

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A lways be honest..
B e there when they need you..
C heer them on..
D on't look for their faults..
E very chance you get, call!
F orgive them..
G et together often..
H ave faith in them..
I nclude them..
J ust listen..
K now their dreams..
L ove them unconditionally..
M ake them feel special..
N ever forget them..
O ffer to help..
P raise them honestly..
Q uietly disagree..
R escue them often..
S ay you're sorry..
T alk frequently..
U se good judgment..
V ote for them!
W ish them good luck!
X -ray yourself first..
Y our words count..
Z ip your mouth when
told a secret..

A Journey into the wet, moist
and dark chambers of Salkak Caves

Yesterday has vanished forever and tomorrow is only a dream. Refuse to allow painful memories of the past or hand-wringing concerns about tomorrow to befoul your thinking so that today's efforts are impaired.

a rugged terrain

Realize that almost every adversity that may befall you today usually carries with it an equivalent or greater benefit that you will find if you have the courage to look.

The Certified Spelunkers: Hazelle, Butch, Bruce and John

The entrance to the wild side

Right after this, I could not remember so elated and exhausted at the same time- everything was really worth it!

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