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"Remember friends as you
pass by,
As you are now so
once was I.
As low as I you
once must be,
Prepare yourself
and follow me."

"A friend is someone
who knows the song
in your heart
and can sing it back
to you when you have
forgotten the words."

The Author
Sharon Thea C. Guerrero

I can't give solutions to all
of life's problems,
doubts, or fears.
But I can listen to you,
and together we will search for answers.

I can't change your past
with all it's heartache and pain,
nor the future
with it's untold stories.
But I can be there now when you need me to care.

I can't keep your feet
from stumbling.
I can only offer my hand
that you may grasp it and not fall.

Your joys, triumphs, successes,
and happiness are not mine;
Yet I can share in your laughter.

Your decisions in life are
not mine to make, nor to judge;
I can only support you,
encourage you, and help
you when you ask.

SMB Environmentalists Climbed
Mt. Sibulan for a Cause

Find something you LOVE to DO so much in your LIFE that you would be willing to do it for FREE.

a rugged terrain

The cool relief of an ocean breeze on a hot summer day.
Get more mileage from your energy!

A riotous spread of trees and shrubs is the perfect backdrop to Mt. Sibulan river which brings SMB energy icons to the hype! Hey guys, cool off the heat!

Who says you can't have fun under the sun?

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