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I will tell you. 
It is a person with whom you
dare to be yourself.
Your soul can be naked with him.
He seems to ask of you
to put on nothing,
only to be what you are.
He does not want you
to be better or worse.
When you are with him
you feel as a prisoner feels who
has been declared innocent.
You do not have to be on your guard.
You can say what you think,
so long as it is genuinely you.
He understands those
contradictions in your
nature that leads
others to misjudge you.
With him you breathe freely.
You can avow your little
vanities and envies
and hates and vicious sparks,
your meanness and absurdities
and, in opening them up to him,
they are lost,
dissolved on the white ocean
of his loyalty.
He understands.
You can weep with him,
sing with him,
laugh with him,
pray with him.
Through it all
and underneath he sees,
knows, and loves you.
A friend? 
What is a friend?
Just one, I repeat,
with whom you dare to be yourself.

Hazelle Goes Rappelling

"One cannot climb at all unless he has sufficient urge to do so.
Danger must be met (indeed it must be used) to an extent beyond that incurred to normal life. That is one reason men climb; for only in response to challenge does one man becomes his best."

a flower

"Nothing illustrates the basic irrationality of climbers better than the code that says you don't leave good equipment behind. Rappel points are set up with the very pitons and sling rope that you consider too cheap and unsafe for climbing. To use expensive equipment for this is deemed an ostentatious display of wealth, a cowardly act or inexcusably bad planning."

Remember, a one mile journey always begin with a single step. Just be sure to always step forward.

A solitary rappeler meanders...
There's no way but UP!

The radiant sun has just set behind the mountains of Sitio Salkak hinterland as I started climbing up the rope.

That's Kavana giving a "VICTORY SIGN!"
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