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Between us all there are things unsaid
When one needs help he is led
To find the way to do his best
Between good friends there is no test.

For you can't go without friends
For fun, laughter, and time to spend
To walk and talk with and hopes to share
Letting them know you really care

If ever you're feeling sad and blue
Call a friend who has called on you
Tell him how you feel today
A friend can bring you a long, long way

I know that this is true, you see
As you have always been here for me
And in more ways then you'll ever know
I hope our friendship will continue to grow

TCP Adventure Team
Craze n' Pose
An Odyssey

TCP (Tampakan Copper Project) Adventure Team 1999
Thee people who wanted to see nature at its best.

a rugged terrain

The cool relief of an ocean breeze on a hot summer day.
An almost 2-hour drive from the wild but mild city, of General Santos going to the green mountains in Landan, Polomolok will take you to the picturesque Sitio Salkak.

Above are the people who wanna see Nature at its BEST!

Hey, we're just havin' FUN!

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