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Dirt! Is the newest album released by the Worms, and definately one of the very best! It's full of wonderful music, lyrics, and vocal work.. and a heck of a lot of laughs. The Worms deserve a huge pat on the back and a nose kiss for this one.. there isn't a single song I don't grin at.

A Man Has Needs

This song rings all too true. I used to date a young man who became hypnotized by a television under any and all situations. Then again, aren't all men like that?

Steel Drivin' Man

When this song got to the verse which first mentioned Mike's name, I choked on my Strawberry Fruitopia and sat on my rug laughing. I really did.

Great to be a Nerd

Hey.. I love Star Trek! And I roleplay too! Does that make me a nerd? I hope it does.

Celine Dion

The Worms did this song on "Open Mike" in October. It was great! There are two different versions that I've heard.. both are funny.

Rocks and Trees

We can't get an album without at least one "patriotic" Canadian tune on it. When I drive anywhere, all I see are rocks and trees and a bigass lake. The Worms have this description dead on.

Gaelic Song

Chris patterson has assured me none of this song is actually in Gaelic. It's just similar sounds. Well.. they could have fooled me. I loved it!

Wong's Chinese Buffet

We used to have a restaurant like this in Thunder Bay. Then it got about 14 health violations and had to close. A new one opened in the exact same spot. It's still scary.. it's just more expensive!

I Am Cow

When I grow up, I'm going to Bovine University!

Johnny Came Home Headless

I don't think Johnny has that bad of a life. Sure, he might be kinda dumb and without head, but at least he has a nice friend.. and he's usually cheeful! I'd like to take him for a foot massage or something.

Heimlich Maneuver

I don't enjoy country music.. but this is a hilarious song. I think the poor man should take a paper bag with him when he visits restaurants and practise deep breathing exercises.

Scary Ned

I love this song! And I don't think a song about Happy Ned would be too bad either.


Okay.. this song disturbs me. *shiver*

Log In To You

WHOA! Don't let any little ones around when this one's being played.


Chris and Trevor are being silly. Listen for yourself iffen you don't believe me.