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Each of the main characters has a weapon considered to be his/her strongest weapon. However when you first get the weapons they are virtually useless; you need to obtain certain items in order to power them up.

Firstly, you can only start collecting these weapons after you have acquired a special mirror. You need this mirror to be able to open the chests containing the weapons. Go to the Remiem Temple first (you need to ride a chocobo in order to get there); once there you can ride a chocobo in a race against another chocobo (specific information on the race here). The first time you win, you will receive the Cloudy Mirror. You can't use this to open the chests containing the legendary weapons yet, cos it hasn't been transformed.

Now go to the Macalania Woods. Near the southern entrance you'll find a mother there with her child; speak to them (note that when I say speak to them I mean you'll have to speak to them a few times, until they start repeating what they tell you) and you'll find they want to find the father. Next go to the area in the forest where the party made camp after a particularly nice CG movie, and speak to the man you find there. Then go back to the place near the southern entrance again and this time you'll find the parents there (speak to them too) but their child is missing. Lastly follow the path of light up into the trees and you'll find the child. Now you can finally access the sacred place where you can transform the Cloudy Mirror to become the Celestial Mirror.

Now you can get the most powerful weapons for each character, but that's not all there is. The next step is to get the items to power up these weapons. Each of the legendary weapons can be powered up twice, which means 2 items are needed for each weapon. When you get the item(s) required to power up the weapons, return to the sacred place in the forest where you transformed the Cloudy Mirror in order to do so. Note that the weapons must be powered up in order, that is if you have the Sigil for a weapon but do not have the Crest, you cannot power up the weapon at all.

All the legendary weapons share some common characteristics regarding the abilities set in them, as illustrated below:

Initial form After 1st power up After 2nd power up (final form)
Blank slot
Blank slot
Blank slot
Double Overdrive
Blank slot
Blank slot
Break Damage Limit (up to 99999 instead of 9999)
Triple Overdrive
Varies with weapon
Varies with weapon

So you can see that while these weapons are quite useless when you've just obtained them, if you are able to power up them to their final form they are likely to be the best weapons for each character (and you can earn AP with them too! Only in the initial and 2nd forms do they prevent you from getting AP). In addition, they have other characteristics, for example the damage they cause is dependent on user's HP (in some cases MP) etc (remember Cloud's Ultima weapon in Final Fantasy VII? It's similar to that).

Lastly, some of the legendary weapons can help certain Aeons exceed maximum damage as well (up to 99999 instead of 9999). Of the 8 Aeons, 3 of them (Bahamut, Anima and the Magus Sisters) already can exceed maximum damage. For the rest, they can only exceed maximum damage if their corresponding legendary weapon has been powered up at least once:

Aeon Corresponding legendary weapon
ValeforYuna's Nirvana
IfritWakka's World Champion
IxionKimahri's Spirit Lance
ShivaLulu's Onion Knight
YojimboAuron's Masamune

To find out how to get each character's weapon as well as the corresponding power up items, click on that character's icon below:


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