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This page introduces the main characters in the world of Final Fantasy X. You can get beautiful wallpapers of each character simply by clicking on the characters' pictures besides their descriptions! (The wallpapers are all of size 1024 x 768) When you click on the pictures, press and hold down your mouse button to see a thumbnail of the wallpapers.

Name: Tidus
Age: 17
Height: 175cm
Tidus's overdrive: Swordplay
Description: An energetic and cheerful youth who hails from the great city of Zanarkand. Son of the legendary Blitzball player Jecht, he is also the Ace of the team in which his father played, the Zanarkand Abes. In the midst of a Blitzball tournament, Sin attacked and Tidus was transported from Zanarkand to the world of Spira. Alone in a strange world of which he knew nothing, he would have to face and surpass many obstacles in order to return to his home ... Despite his outwardly optimistic, happy-go-lucky appearance, there is an emotional side to him which he seldom reveals to anyone.

Name: Yuna
Age: 17
Height: 161cm
Yuna's overdrive: Grand Summon
Description: Daughter of High Summoner Braska who defeated Sin 10 years ago. She moved to Besaid Island from Bevelle where she used to live with her father, and grew up with two close friends, Wakka and Lulu. She has long aspired to follow the path her father took and become a summoner as well. Being a summoner, as well as Braska's daughter, she is under great pressue from everyone to defeat Sin this time. Despite this, she never shows any sign of her inner fears or insecurities and keeps all her burdens and troubles to herself, not because there's no one for her to share them with, but because she doesn't want anyone else to worry about her.

Name: Wakka
Age: 23
Height: 188cm
Wakka's overdrive: Slots
Description: Wakka is the key player and coach of Besaid Island's Blitzball team, the Besaid Aurochs, and is also one of Yuna's guards. He is like a big brother to Yuna, having watched her grow since she was 7. Blitzball is his greatest passion, but he wants to concentrate on being Yuna's guard, and hence is torn between the two choices. This year he has finally decided to lead the Besaid Aurochs in the annual Blitzball tournament for one last time and thereafter will concentrate solely on being a guard. Wakka has a pretty transparent personality. He is a firm believer in Yevon's teachings (to the point of being stubborn), and is very open in showing his dislike of those who go against those teachings.

Name: Lulu
Age: 22
Height: 167cm (high heels and hair bring it to 175cm)
Lulu's overdrive: Fury
Description: A master in black magic and another of Yuna's guards. Friends (ie. Wakka) often affectionately just call her 'Lu'. She has twice been the guard of other summoners and hence is extremely knowledgeable in many matters. Since Yuna came to Besaid Island 10 years ago, Lulu has treated her like her own sister and is very protective of her. While she seldom lets her emotions show in either actions or words, and thus often comes across as cold and unfeeling to those who meet her for the first time, her close friends know how much she cares for them. Her weapons are extremely ... unique, and even Wakka cannot explain how they are animated.

Name: Kimahri Ronso
Age: 25
Height: 204cm
Kimahri's overdrive: Ronso Rage
Description: A Ronso youth who has abandoned his village and tribe, or perhaps has been cast out. He came to the orphaned Yuna 10 years ago to protect her, has now become her guard, and is constantly by her side. Despite the fact that he shows no emotion and seldom if ever speaks, his loyalty to Yuna is unquestionable and he places Yuna's safety and interest above all else. Whoever approaches Yuna with ill intentions will, without fail, find Kimahri's wrath descending upon him. The story behind his broken horn (a distinguishing feature of the Ronso tribe) is closely related to his reason for leaving the tribe ...

Name: Auron
Age: 35
Height: 182cm
Auron's overdrive: Bushido
Description: Auron is an awesome swordsman who was the guard of Yuna's father, Braska. Because of his exceptional bravery and abilities, he is known as the Legendary Guard. He was an acquaintance of Tidus's father Jecht, knows both Spira and Zanarkand well, and has watched over Tidus from when he was a kid til now. He has a piercing insight, and often sees beyond appearances straight to the truth of matters. He knows as well as understands Tidus's secret, probably more so than Tidus himself. Occasionally he will drop hints along their journey, leading the party to the truth. Auron doesn't like to bother with words or speeches, preferring action instead.

Name: Rikku
Age: 15
Height: 158cm
Rikku's overdrive: Mix
Description: A cheerful teenage Al Bhed girl, always full of energy and always put in all her effort in whatever she does. She journeys with Tidus and the rest with a secret mission to release Yuna from the burden of being a summoner because she cares deeply about her. As is typical for her tribe, Rikku is an excellent swimmer and is familiar with all kinds of machinery. She is exceptionally well-versed in the common language of Spira, unlike most of her tribespeople who can only speak their own language. She shows whatever emotions she is feeling without reserve, but is surprisingly cool-headed in her judgement of matters, leading her to have well-backed suspicions about the teachings of Yevon. Due to a bad experience during her childhood, she is terrified of lightning and thunder.