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World Champion - Final form abilities Damage caused is ...
Break Damage Limit
Triple Overdrive
Double AP
Evade & Counter
proportional to Wakka's current HP/Max HP (maximum damage when Wakka is at full health)

To get World Champion
After you've won more than 100 Blitzball matches, talk to one of the attendants in the cafe at the Luca Seaport and he'll give it to you (more details on Blitzball here).

To get first power up item: Jupiter Crest
It's in the locker in the Besaid Aurochs team's room in the Luca Stadium. You can only get this after the game match with the Luca Goers and you're ready to set off for Mi'ihen Highroad.

To get second power up item: Jupiter Sigil
You need to win this as a prize in a Blitzball league. You can only get it after you've gotten all of Wakka's Overdrive skills (the Attack, Status and Aurochs reels). For more details go to the Blitzball prizes page.

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