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There are 2 sidequests/mini-games in FFX which involves chocobos: the chocobo trainer sidequest and the chocobo race at the Remiem Temple.

Chocobo trainer

Look for the chocobo trainer in the Calm Lands (she's the woman you can borrow chocobos from). Choose to train chocobos. There are four exercises altogether. Completing each exercise within the time limit set by the trainer gets you a prize and lets you progress to the next exercise. You can win a different prize by trying the same exercise again and beating your best time. The four exercises are as follows:

Wobbly chocobo
For this exercise, all you need to do is direct your chocobo to cross the finishing line in 12.8 seconds or less. It's a bit hard to control, but there shouldn't be any difficulty in completing this exercise. Doing so gets you an Elixir, and you'll be able to ride a chocobo for free at any time just by asking the chocobo trainer. Each time you break your record, you'll receive an X-Potion.

Dodger chocobo
This time your chocobo is easier to control, but you must dodge Blitzballs coming your way while heading for the finishing line. If you get hit, your chocobo will be stunned and will stop for about 1.5 seconds. The time limit for this exercise is 16.8 seconds. You get a Lv. 1 Key Sphere for completing this exercise, and a Mega-Potion each time you break your record.

Hyper dodger chocobo
Basically this exercise is the same as the preceding one, except that now you need to dodge birds as well as Blitzballs. You have 18.5 seconds to cross the finishing line. You get a Lv. 2 Key Sphere for completing this exercise, and an Ether each time you break your record.

Catcher chocobo
The final exercise is a race against the chocobo trainer. On the way there'll be birds trying to hit you as well as balloons for you to pick up. Each time you get hit by a bird, your chocobo is momentarily stunned and 3 seconds is added to your time. On the other hand, each balloon you get takes away 3 seconds from your time. So obviously you should try to get as many balloons as possible while avoiding the birds ^^; A little advice though, while it may seem like getting a balloon balances out being hit by a bird, actually it doesn't. When you get hit, your chocobo stops for about 1.5 seconds, and 3 seconds is added to your time as well, while getting a balloon only takes 3 seconds away from your time. Furthermore, sometimes you need to go slightly out of your way in order to get a balloon (unfortunately, this isn't the case for the birds; they'll come flying at you happily. Doesn't it hurt for them?) So generally, it's not worth getting hit by a bird to get a balloon.

The time limit for this exercise is 45.0 seconds. You get a Lv. 3 Key Sphere for completing this exercise, and a Turbo Ether each time you break your record. In addition, once you've managed to win the chocobo trainer in this exercise, you'll be able to use the Celestial Mirror to get Tidus's Caladbolg at the northern part of the Calm Lands. If you manage to reach the finishing point with a time of 0:0:0 (after adjustments have been made for the birds and balloons), you'll receive the Sun Sigil for Tidus's Caladbolg.

Personally I found this to be the hardest sigil to get. I had to try many, MANY times before I was able to get the required time, and I suspect it was due more to luck than anything else ^^; It may help to aim for a certain number of balloons after knowing roughly how much time you need to get to the finishing point. For example, in my case I usually need about 31 seconds, so I tried to get 11 balloons and avoid all the birds. When I finally succeeded, I got 12 balloons and got hit by 1 bird, so I just made it, I think.

Chocobo race

This mini-game takes place at the Remiem Temple. In order to get there, you'll have to ride a chocobo from the Calm Lands. Go to the southeast corner of the map, and you'll see a small yellow feather near what looks like a broken bridge. Examine the feather (still riding the chocobo) and your chocobo will jump down to a sort of ledge. Continue down the path and you'll reach the Remiem Temple.

Besides the Temple you'll find two chocobos. You can ride one of them in a race against the other. The first time you win this race, you will receive the Cloudy Mirror, which is necessary for getting Legendary Weapons for all the characters. After that, you can continue racing the other chocobo to get various other items, depending on how many treasure chests you manage to open in the course of the race. Note that you need to win the race in order to get the prizes; it's no use getting 5 treasure chests only to end up losing the race!

Here is a list of the prizes you can get. You can only get each prize once (more's the pity). Also, if you touched any poles along the course, you'll only get a Potion when you win, regardless of the number of treasure chests obtained.

Win the race with 0 treasure chests Potion
Win the race with 1 treasure chest Elixir
Win the race with 2 treasure chests Megalixir
Win the race with 3 treasure chests Wings to Discovery x 30
Win the race with 4 treasure chests Pendulum x 30
Win the race with 5 treasure chests Three Stars x 60

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