In order for your character to become more powerful or gain new moves, they need to train or fight. Certain Masters are in each world. They can train you in new techniques as well as up your power level (PL). Training in high gravity environments increases Power Level quicker. While training characters can't do other actions, and this significantly lowers the Power Points (PP) of a character.  Extreme training may also damage the Hit Points (HP) of a character. When HP reaches 0, a character passes out, and when it reaches -10, the character dies. Remember to rest up before a fight! If PP is at 0, you can't train. If you are incapacitated, you can't train either. Training in high gravity gives you 10% more gains and losses. See the locations page for info on training and gravity conditions on different planets.


You can do these on your own without the aid of a Master or another player/NPC.

Pushups: 100 raises your PL by 20. PP down by 10.
Situps: 100 raises your PL by 10. PP down by 5.
Pullups: 100 raises your PL by 30. PP down by 20.
Air Sparring: 1 hour raises your PL by 40. PP down by 40.
Meditation: 1 hour raises your PP by 10. Current PP down by 30.
Ki Attack Practice: 50 attacks raises your PP by 100. PP down by 60.
SSJ Training: Must be able to attain SSJ to train using this. 1 day spent in SSJ (without fighting) gives you +200 PL. After this training you must wait a week to use it again.
Conditioning: 30 minutes give +10 to max HP, -5 to current HP, -15 PP.
Swimming: Five miles give +50 PL. PP down by 60.


You can train with a partner to raise your power level much further and in a smaller amount of time. When posting your training on the MB, say who your partner is. They must agree to training and be on the same planet before training.

Sparring: 30 minutes raises your PL by 50. PP down by 30, HP down by 5.
"Mind Sparring": 30 minutes raises your PP by 20.
Fighting: PL gain, PP and HP loss vary, PL gain to be determined by moderator.
Ki Sparring: 30 minutes raises PL by 100. PP down by 50. HP down by 10.
Wilderness Training: (one person, the one who is surviving, gets the following): +1000 PL, -150 HP, -100 PP. (The overseer gets the following:) +200 PL, -10 HP, +20 PP. This takes 2 days; no other actions besides training can be taken during this time, but training can be RP'd over a number of posts. Can only be used by a character (in either position) two times per RL month. If a character passes out or dies during this time, training ends and benefits are cut in half for the surviving player(s).
SSJ/ Perfect Form/ Bulk-Up Sparring: The partners must be both able to attain the same form. Sparring for 30 minutes gives +500 PL, -150 PP, -150 HP.


You must find one of the Masters in order to access these special training options. A list of Masters will be posted in the Locations section. More than one person can train under a Master at one time.

Learn Move: PP down by 50, learn one of the Master's moves, depending on your PL. Takes one day.
Sparring w/ Master: 30 minutes raises PL by 200, after that PL gain will vary. PP down by 60.
Mind Sparring w/ Master: 1 hour raises PP by 100. HP down by 20. If HP reaches 0 during this time, you will gain only 50 PP, regardless of how many hours you have spent mind sparring.
Obstacle Course: 1 run-through takes 30 minutes. Includes Catch the Monkey and other such exercises. Gives +250 PL (+500 when training under Kai), +30 HP, +50 PP. -100 HP.