Here's a list of the moves, who can teach them to you, who can learn them, and their requirements. With these you'll be able to make a completely custom warrior! Check it out! Thanks to William Ashcraft for the excellent move ideas! He's helped out a ton with a lot of the technical concepts of the RPG. *'ed moves were his idea.

Punches/ Kicks

Move Name Who Can Use It Teacher PL Requirement PP Use Description / Damage
Punch Anyone Starting Move None 2 Does 3 damage. A basic straight punch.
Punch Barrage Anyone Any Master 600 10 Does 30 damage. A drawn-out barrage
of quick punches.
Kick Anyone Starting Move None 5 Does 5 damage. A quick kick.
Kick Barrage Anyone Any Master 600 20 Does 20 damage. A barrage of fast
Kick/Punch Barrage Anyone Any Master 800 40 Does 40 damage. A barrage of kicks
and punches.
Sound Effect
Anyone Hercule the Third 2000 50 Does 10 damage. A useless punch followed by a choice sound effect from the user.
Tail Strike Sayiajin /w Tail Starting Move None 10 Does 10 damage. A swift strike with one's tail.
Slam Any Starting Move None 40 Does 30 damage, cannot be used twice in a row. A body slam which knocks the enemy back so they can't attack next turn.
*Charged Strike Anyone Starting Move None 15 Does 25 damage. An upgraded version of a punch, kick,
or hand blast. Slower attack speed. Punch/Kick.
*Ultra Super Mega Punch Human/Android Hercule the Third None 3 Does 5 damage. A showy punch that really doesn't do much. Punch.
*Super Ultra Mega Kick Human/Android Hercule the Third None 5 Does 10 damage. A showy kick that's a little tough. Kick.
Jump Kick Any Starting Move None 20 Does 25 damage. A powerful jumping kick.
*Freeze Punch Androids, Hoshi Dr. Strap 10000 100 A punch of cold energy which can freeze an opponent. Does 60 damage, may freeze opponent after several hits.
*Squeeze Oozaru Special Special 40 Does 50 damage. Big hand, little target, much pain.
Elbow Strike Any Starting Move None 10 Does 15 damage. A blow with the elbow.
Basic Ki Attacks         Basic attacks using the ki power.
Hand Blast Anyone Starting Move None 10 Does 20 damage. A small burst of
energy fired from the palm.
Eye Blast Androids Starting Move None 15 Does 25 damage. Two red bursts
of energy fired from the eyes.
Energy Suck Androids Dr. Strap 1000 30 When hits, does 10 damage, opponent
loses 10 PP. Attacker gains 10 to
Max PP.
Light of Death Namekians Elder 900 20/charge Does 50 damage. A spiraling blast of two
energy attacks from the finger.
"Destructo Disc" (Ki-enzan) Humans Head
600 30 Does 40 damage. A huge energy disc that can slice the enemy.
Kamehameha Humans,
Kame 600 30/charge The trademark of DBZ! Does 50 damage.
Finger Blast Sayiajin, Namekians Starting
None 10 Does 10 damage. A little blast from the finger, often used as a fininsher.
Mouth Blast Sayiajin Sayia Master 1000 50 Shout of K-Paaaa and a huge blast from the
mouth. 60 damage.
*Trick Shot Anyone Any 800 10 Does 10 damage. A good finisher, like a finger blast.
A tad showy. Basic Ki Attack.
*Warcry Human/Namek Any Special Special If your PL is less than your opponent's, costs 20 PP. PL = Opp. it costs 15 PP. Greater, costs 10 PP. Stops one physical attack. Can be used only once per battle.
Absorb Android Androids Only Dr. Strap 50000 200 Absorb another android to gain their PL into your own. (Must be knocked out/ at 1/8 full HP.)
Androids Only Dr. Strap 25000 100 Absorb another being (must be knocked out/ at 1/8 full HP.) and gain their PL. Cannot be an android.
*Power Yell Namekians Elder, Kami 2000 10 Does 20 damage. A powerful yell capable of destroying mountains.
*Energy Buster Humans Kami, Roshi 3000 30 Destroys energy blast of an opponent with a lower PL.
*Guardian Force Earth Guardian Kami 5000 30 Does 60 damage and pushes opponent away. A golden energy blast. User's aura turns yellow for duration of blast.
*Two Way Shot Any Any 3000 20 Does 40 damage distributed between two enemies. Two blasts of energy aimed at different people.
*Namek Mouth Blast Namekians Elder, Kami 2000 40 Same as the mouth blast used by Sayiajin; a shout of "K-Paa!" followed by a huge blast of energy. Does 50 damage.
Ki Lightning Sayiajin Sayia Master 5000 50 Does 60 damage. Powerful bolts of golden energy fry an oppoent. MUST roll a 4 or 5 to hit. Anything else will miss.
*Electro Blast Androids Dr. Strap 5000 30 Does 50 damage. An electric whip formed from ki.
Double Hand Blast Any Starting Move None 40 Does 50 damage. Two hand blasts aimed at a single opponent.
*Energy Sphere Children Special 1000 60 Does 40 damage to all in the area. A huge dome of
destructive energy that harms everything in the vicinity. Occurs only when the user becomes enraged. (May be coupled with going SSJ.)
Any Sayia Master 4000000 All PP Destroys a planet, but you as well. Must roll a 6 to be successful. Roll made by the moderator ONLY. All characters with a higher PL will survive. If you fail, you will explode anyway.
*Energy Dome Saiyans Sayia Master 3000 40 Does 40 damage between all targets. A huge dome of powerful
destructive energy.
*Huge Energy Blast Anyone Sayia Master,
1000000 1000 Does 10000 damage. A HUGE blast of energy that is tough to dodge and obliterates everything in its path.
Water Blast Anyone Any 800 20 Does 40 damage. Can be used only on water. A tsunami kicked up by ki.
*Gokaro's Finalizer Any Gokaro, Kame 6000 150 Does 150 damage. A powerful finger blast used as a final move.
Sayiajin, Human Kame 5000 50 Does 75 damage. A Kamehameha torn in half and spiraled around itself.
Aura Blast Namekians Elder 8000 10 Does 50 damage. A blast of energy fired from the aura. Blue aura.
Namekians Elder, Kami 1000 40 Does 40 damage. A destructive wave of invisible ki that can destroy
Masenko Humans, Nameks Head Monk 10000 80 Does 40 damage to all enemies. A cry of "Masenko!" followed by a huge flash of white ki.
Dragon Fist Saiyan, Icers Sayian Master 10000000 10000 Does 100,000 damage.  A Dragon shoots from your fist, through and then entangling your opponent. May only be used once per battle.
Super Ball Namekian, Icers Elder 1000 5000 Does 500 damage. A really tough energy ball.
Headbutt Any Starting Move None 10 Does 30 damage to an enemy and 10 to yourself. Fly towards the enemy and hit them (literally) head-on.
Transformations/Auras         Battle auras, SSJ levels, etc.
Flight Aura All Starting Move None 10/hour Allows user to fly and use attacks in
the air. Cannot break orbit. Blue aura.
Kaioken (x1, x2, ... 100) Sayiajin, Humans Kaio 3000 50 per
User's PL raised times multiple. Roll a die. If you roll a 6, do the multiple times 2 damage to yourself. Red aura.
Super Sayian Lvl. 1 Sayiajin Special 10000 100 When a Sayiajin becomes VERY enraged, hair turns gold and eyes become green. PL raised by multiple of 4 automatically. Yellow aura.
Super Sayian Lvl. 2 Sayiajin Special 30000 150 Sayiajin must become VERY enraged again. Hair turns gold and becomes bigger than when SSJ, eyes remain green. Lighting sparks around yellow aura. PL up by 4x again.
Super Sayian Lvl 3 Sayiajin Special 50000 150, 50
each turn
Again, Sayiajin must become VERY enraged. Hair becomes very long, face becomes more streamlined and eyebrows are lost. Eyes are turquoise. 5x PL.
Super Sayian Lvl 4 Sayiajin Special 90000 200 Sayiajin becomes extrodinarily angry. Hair
is black, and red fur grows on the body, tail grows back. 10x PL.
Fusion All but Android Any Master 80000 each 300 A commonly known technique, it allows two players to fuse and gain the most powerful
person's PL plus 1/2. They become one
character. Takes 2 hours.
*Bulk-Up Humans Only Roshi None 10, +10
It's Powering Up for the Non-Sayian crowd. Become larger, but slower. Doubles your damage when using physical attacks. Transformation. Must roll a 4 or 5 to hit when using attacks in this
*Bulk-Up x2 Humans Only Roshi 2500 Same, but 30. Same as above, but your physical damage is now tripled.
*Bulk-Up x3 Humans Only Roshi 5000 Same, but 40. Physical damage now x4.
*Wolf Wind Strike Any Any 1000 20 Does 20 damage. A wolf-head shaped strike. Punch.
*Ultimate SSJ Saiyan Only Special 20000 150 Saiyan must train up to 20000 PL and be able to attain SSJ 1 in order to use Ultimate SSJ. Physical damage is 2x in addition to usual SSJ 1. Yellow aura. Transformation. While in this form, you must roll a 4 or 5 to hit. Everything else will miss.
Power Up! Any Kame, Kaio 2000 100 Pretty much the same as Bulk-Up, except your energy attacks are 2x instead of your physical ones. No speed loss. White aura.
Perfect Form Androids Special 70000 Special When you reach 70000 PL, every time you absorb an android roll a die. If you get a 1 or 6, you will reach Perfect Form. All attacks
are 4x strength, you gain 10000 PL. If your HP reaches 20% your max, you will lose Perfect Form. Can only be attempted once per post.
Super Saiyan Final Sayiajin Only Special 100000 500 *Please note that this is my own creation. Not in DB.* PL x15. When Saiyan becomes extremely enraged again, hair turns gold with silver highlights, eyes become red. Muscles bulge out akin to Ultimate SSJ, but no speed is lost. Swirling red/gold aura.
Mystic Humans Kaio 30000 300 PL x7. Blue aura explodes outward, eyes become filled with rage and power reserves are tapped. Permanent, cannot use Bulk-Up. Only way to remove is through death.
Transcendent Form Hoshi Special 50000 500 PL x10. When a Hoshi becomes enraged, a red aura explodes outward from them, blue wings sprout from back, black ki lightning sparks around body, eyebrows disappear.
Icer Form 1 Icer Special 10000 100 PL x3. Appearances vary according to character's appearance. A tremendous increase in power and speed. Obtained when PL is reached.
Icer Form 2 Icer Special 20000 200 PL x5. When you roll a graze, treat it as a hit.
Icer Form 3 Icer Special 30000 300 Same as above, except PL is now x7.
Icer Form 4 Icer Special 40000 400 Same as above, except PL is now x10.
Icer Form 5 Icer Special 50000 500 Same as above, except PL is now x12.
Advanced Ki Attacks Uses Who Teaches PL PP Use Powerful attacks using ki.
Regeneration Namekian,
Starting Move None 50/limb Restores a limb of the character with the ability.
Healing All but Androids Kame, Elder 5000 30/20 HP Restores 20 HP per use. Can restore a character with negative HP.
Resurrection Namekian Elder 10000 100 Brings a character whose corpse is still in the
normal plane of existence back to life with 10 HP.
Trap Blast Humans Kame 10000 10 Does 20 damage/blast. Enemy cannot move.
Time Stop All Kaio 5000 20/minute All enemies can't move.
"From the Feet" Kamehameha Sayiajin, Human Kame 1000 30 Same as a Kamehameha, but from the feet.
Spirit Bomb Human, Sayiajin Kame, Head
5000 300 Good alignment only. Does 300 damage. Takes 20 minutes to charge. A huge bomb of planetary energy.
Heart Explosion All Sayia Master 50000 200 Evil only, can't be used agaist good. Does 100 damage.
Split Off Namekians Kame, Kai 10000 100 Split into three forms that are 10% your PL. They preform a three-way energy attack which does 30 damage for each beam. (Roll 3 dice; one for each attack.)
*Stretchy Skin Androids Dr. Strap 10000 300 Reflects any attack back to its user, if they have a lower power level. Can only be used 3 times per combat.
*Remember Sayiajin /w tail None 7000 40 per turn Allows you to remember what you do as an ape.
Rebound Any Any Master 800 30 Can only be used after getting physically hit. Use momentum of the attack that hit you to slam into your opponent, doing attack's
damage +10.
Catch Any Any Master 10000 30 Allows you to catch an energy attack and throw it back at your opponent. Only used five times per combat. Does the attack's damage. Cannot be used on the Huge Energy Blast or Energy Dome.
*Internal Reserve Namekians, Hoshi Learned when PL
5000 30 When you are at 0 HP but have enough PP left to do this move, you will gain back 20 HP automatically. Can be used only once per fight.
Self-Sacrifice Androids Starting Move None All PP Latch onto an opponent and roll a die. If you roll a 4, you will explode and so will your enemy. Any other number and the opponent will only take 60 damage and you will die.
Shield Any Any 5000 20 Used on an energy attack. If your opponent is at your PL or lower, roll a die. If you get a 4-6, your opponent will take 1/2 their attack's damage. If not, you will take 1/2 damage. Takes 50 more PP for someone with a higher PL than you. Cannot be used twice in a row. A disk of golden energy which stays near the hand.
Steal Form Hoshi Starting Move None 150 Roll a die as usual. If you roll a six, you steal the form of your target and may then transform into a member of the target's race at any time, so you can use the moves of that race. This transformation costs 100 PP and increases by 100 PP for every other form you steal. (6 forms means a transformation costs 600 PP, for example.) Must have some sort of contact with the target for this to work. Character's appearance will vary.

I will be adding in new moves as I see fit. You can recommend a move from the show or a move of your own creation, just send it in to me with the name, who uses it, the PL requirement, PP use, and its description/damage. Thanks!