Two hundred years before Son Goku's arrival on Earth, the Saiyan Empire was at its height, Freiza's father was wreaking havoc in the far off reaches of the galaxy, and the Hoshi, an ancient race who guard the stars, were sending their most powerful warriors to help defend the universe from a terrible threat...

Welcome to the world of Dragonball: Before Goku! We're a role-playing game that works over a message board. If you're interested in joining us and becoming part of our ongoing main storyline and the many, many other adventures always going on, read our information and then apply! Most applications are accepted literally within days, and advancement and power level increases are very rapid. We hope to see you running around the universe soon.

News for October 8, 2003
The storyline will begin soon! Please tell your friends about the game so that we can get as many players as possible. More fighters means more opprotunities for roleplay!