To join in on the action, post the following information on the MB. Please make sure you've read everything before you start writing! Sticking to this format makes it easy for me to update the roster, so be sure to do so. Make sure to flesh out your bio! It makes roleplaying a lot easier. You can have more than one character, but please leave at least 3 weeks between character applications.

Characters from Dragonball, DBZ, and DBGT are not being accepted at this time.

1. Your Character's Name: A no-brainer. Who'll we call you? Please, nothing offensive.

2. Your E-mail and AIM: We need to keep in contact. Important announcements, etc. will be sent to you, but no spam. Also, if you want to participate in AIM fights, you need to give us your AIM, but that's optional.

3. Your Character's Race: Each race has different pluses and minuses. I know everyone wants to be a Saiyan but hey, try out the other races, too! Here's a list:

- Saiyan: Saiyans are very powerful warriors who look like humans with tails. If an opponent grabs onto the tail of a Saiyan, they will be rendered immobile. Saiyan can also turn into Oozaru, the giant ape, when exposed to moonlight. Saiyans can go Super Saiyan if they are very powerful and become enraged. All Saiyans except for an exceptional few must serve their emperor.

-Namekian: Nameks are green-skinned people from the planet Namek. They cannot perform the Kamehameha. Nameks can permanently fuse with another member of their race to become extremely powerful. Namekians can also regenerate severed body parts.

-Human: Humans are the residents of Earth. It takes much training for one to become powerful. Humans can perform the Kamehameha and are rather attuned to the planet around them. If on Earth or their native planet (or one which they have become attached to), they can perform the Spirit Bomb attack. (I know, Goku did it, but hey... humans have to be balanced!)

-Android: Androids are artificial creations made by sinister scientists. They are naturally less advanced than those seen in DBZ and DBGT. Most of them don't even have artifical skin- they are just mechanical monstrosities designed to kill. They have specific programming which is difficult to overcome and so CANNOT be neutral. Androids have a huge number of PP at their disposal due to their internal power plants. As a last resort, Androids can detonate themselves to kill an enemy. This completely destroys their body, so only by the Dragonballs can they be resurrected in this case.

-Hoshi: The powerful defenders of stars, Hoshi can live for literally billions of years and take on the form of any living being they touch. Though they begin with diminutive stats- PL in the mid teens and HP in about the same range- Hoshi can eventually become some of the most powerful beings in the universe and even become Super Saiyan 3 with a Saiyan form, or tap into their powerful Transcendent form. NOT RECOMMENDED TO FIRST-TIME RPERS!

-Icer: The evil denizens of the planet Ictania, Icers are highly powerful and have a total of five transformations available to them. Icers cannot be good; they can only be evil or neutral. Many powerful energy attacks are open to these combat specialists, whose powers of persuasion are as good as their strikes.

Starting stats go like this:

Sayian: 100 HP, 50 PP, PL: 500

Namek: 95 HP, 80 PP, PL: 500

Human: 70 HP, 75 PP, PL: 500

Android: 80 HP, 100 PP, PL: 500

Icer: 100 HP, 60 PP, PL: 500

Hoshi: 20 HP, 150 PP, PL: 15


4. Your Character's Alignment: A character can be Good, Neutral, or Evil. Androids cannot be Neutral due to their programming. Good and Evil characters may only form groups with other characters of the same alignments. Neutral characters may form groups with anyone, but do not receive any alignment bonuses. (Certain powerful items may only be used by certain alignment groups.)

5. Starting Location: Your character may begin on any of the planets, but not in the Next Dimension.

6. Your Character's Physical Description: List hair color, eye color, significant marks, age, etc.

7.  Your Character's Personality: How does your character act? Is he/she sullen all of the time, or do they enjoy having a good time? Is he/she a happy drunk or a sad drunk? Whatever you feel would contribute to how your character acts, put it here. It's vital that you do this, since other people will be writing your character on occasion.

If you want, you can also create a short background for your character. Character descriptions, etc. will be posted on the Player Roster.

That's all you have to do! When you're done, just send me your character and I'll check it out. If everything is a-okay, you'll be in the RPG! Simple as that!