ABOUT GRAVITY BONUSES: Training on a planet with higher gravity is like training on a ship or in a module with gravity simulators. In addition to the PL gain from training, you will have an additional bonus tacked on if you train on a planet with high gravity. Lower than average gravity will not reduce PL, but flight moves will not take as much energy as usual to execute.

Additional "losses" means that whatever losses you would normally incur from a training exercise are increased by the listed percentage.

Moving to a different planet requires access to a ship or a ki transport move.


Earth is... well... Earth! It has standard gravity and many different environments. Earth is also home to the Earth Dragonballs. Varied environments make for good training situations, but there is no bonus since the gravity is standard.

Gravity: Standard (No bonus)
Main Species: Humans

Masters: Kame, Dr. Strap, the Head Monk, Roshi, Hercule the Third


Namek is home to the Namekians and has slightly higher-than-average gravity than Earth. It is home to the more powerful Namekian Dragonballs. Namek is a tropical planet with two suns, so there is rarely a night on this planet.

Gravity: Slightly Higher Than Standard (10% more PL gain, 5% more losses)
Main Species: Namekians

Masters: Elder


Vegeta-sei is home to the Saiyan race, probably the most powerful warriors in the universe. It's a lush world very similar to Earth, with just one exception: high gravity. Many of the most powerful fighters come here to train under the masters here.

 Masters: Sayia Master
Gravity: High (20% more PL gain, 10% more losses)
Main Species: Saiyans


An icy planet from which the Icer race hails, this planet is located in the outer reaches of the galaxy. Cold temperatures, extremely high gravity, and fierce beasts make this planet a hazardous place to live, let alone train.

Gravity: Very High (25% more PL gain, 15% more losses.)
Main Species: Icers

Next Dimension (Dead)

Players go here when they die. The only way to get out of here is to get wished back with the Dragonballs, or if someone with a healing ability gets to your corpse. If the corpse is completely destroyed (by an energy blast, etc.) then you can only come back with the Dragonballs. If dying really becomes a major problem, I might just set a time limit w/o Dragonballs until ressurection or something.

Gravity: Slightly Lower Than Standard (No bonus, -1 PP for flight moves)
Main Species: None (Mixed)

Masters: Kaio